Mini pools are a very popular model lately for two main reasons: first of all they occupy a rather small space in your garden, and they are also considered small spas, since they allow you to take advantage of all the benefits of hydrotherapy. It is a perfect model to relax and devote care and attention to your body. Depending on the type chosen, we can have biomagnetism, hydromassage or even chromotherapy. They are defined as ‘mini’ because there are also versions that allow only two people to be comfortably seated in the tub.

mini pool

poolThe mini pool is a concrete alternative to the classic pool above all because many models do not require to be underground, but remain just as aesthetically pleasing as they are clad in wood. The internal structure of the mini pool is made in such a way as to make entry and exit from it comfortable and easy, they look a lot like real hot tubs, but in this case the tub must not be emptied at the end of the bath. thanks to a water filtering system similar to that of a classic swimming pool.

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The mini pool was created both as an ideal solution for the interior of the house and for the garden. In fact, even the one placed in the garden can be comfortably inserted inside a closed gazebo and can also be used during the periods before and after the summer. The structure integrates perfectly into the garden and, in the case of an above ground pool, it is not even necessary to bear the cost of the excavation.

The water recycling system is managed by means of an electronic control panel placed on one side of the tub, through which the whirlpool is regulated. Some versions also allow the hydromassage jets to be moved according to different directions, in order to direct the flow of water directly towards the point of our body that requires this specific treatment. If once upon a time it was necessary to go to the wellness center to relax, today thanks to the innovation of the mini pools, everyone can take advantage of these benefits directly in their own garden. As we mentioned at the beginning, the mini pool can also combine the benefit of the hydromassage with the benefit of chromotherapy. This means that the water is able to take on different colors, each color produces a beneficial effect on our body: these are colors that help relax the mind and body.

The mini pool, in addition to offering advantageous benefits for our physical health since it helps to relax the muscles, allows you to experience a moment of relaxation on a mental level, even when it only serves as a pool. However, it is a tub in which you can immerse yourself to bathe, and even if in the smaller versions you have a space limited to only two people, you can still sit comfortably. The versions on the market are varied, including the one with the headrest, very comfortable for those who want to stay immersed for a long time. There are, however, other models of mini pools, designed to accommodate up to five people. This is why the mini pool also responds to the possibility of experiencing it as a meeting place with friends, perhaps associating a pleasant hydromassage with a convivial chat.

The interior of the pool is made of resistant material, and above all easy to clean. Using the right precautions and detergents recommended by the retailer, the mini pool can be used for a long time. The color of the internal tank is usually proposed in shades that recall the sea, and is hardly chosen in white. Some, to facilitate entry into the mini pool, also install comfortable ladders. Next to it it is advisable to always have a container where you can rinse your feet, because if you walk on the grass, or surround the mini sand pool, you tend to very easily bring the dirt into the pool. Hygiene is essential to guarantee a pool with always clear water and, if use is daily, it is necessary to operate the filter continuously. By avoiding placing it in areas of the garden where leaves fall easily, you avoid the cleaning routine with the classic net.

Costs vary depending on the model chosen, the greater the number of accessories supplied to the mini pool, the higher the price. They really exist for every need, from the most chic to the most classic ones. Inserting a mini pool in your garden completes the space, it is an ideal solution even for those who cannot afford larger pools, but do not want to give up the options for the well-being of their body. Each manufacturing company has in the collection a series of models that start from the standard version to arrive at very equipped solutions for those who really cannot do at least a personal spa.

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