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Read below if you want one for yourself! Mini Fridge hydroponic stealth grow box uses Deep Water Culture with 2 12 inch aristones placed directly beneath the net pots. Uses 6 23W CFL Grow bulbs (6500K veg and 2700K flowering bulbs included). Brushless fans with Odor Sok carbon filter; 2 outlet 7.8L adjustable air pump; 40GPH circulation pump; all wired into a single mounted and concealed powerstrip and light timer. Comes with seed starter cubes and hydroton. Everything you need to grow just add nutrients and seeds! 138w CFL Growbox with removable Hydroponic System 9.00 90w LED Growbox with removable Hydroponic System 9.00 Contact for info Keep an eye out! We have about 20 Soil and Hydroponic Systems in developement along with our website! All soon to be featured and widely available! Related PostsPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsHydroponic Growing Room | Stealth Grow KitGrow Room | Stealth Hydroponic Grow SystemsGrow Room Stealth Hydroponic Grow SystemsHow to Make a Mini Kratky Hydroponic System for LettuceCloset Grow Hydroponic System with 185W CFL Grow Light

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  • DirtyGirlHydroponics 1 year ago

    not generally, most hydro users start their seed inside seed cubes and then place the seed cube directly into the system under the hydroton grow rocks once they have germinated.

  • tgosselin321 1 year ago

    killer setup:o

  • DirtyGirlHydroponics 1 year ago

    YES you can!

  • BoonDock 1 year ago

    can i use a system like thus from start to finish

  • DirtyGirlHydroponics 1 year ago

    Thanks a bunch!!!

  • DirtyGirlHydroponics 1 year ago

    Thats the idea. Even just before harvest on the dankest of buds you can have someone sit on top of this thing and never have any idea whats goin on inside. Zero smell, zero light emission and sounds just the same as it does when its a fridge.

  • Sebastian Maj 1 year ago

    That is just a beautiful design !

  • DirtyGirlHydroponics 1 year ago

    what you hear is the exhaust fan. It sounds 100times louder then it really is in the video cause the camera was about 4 inches from it at one point. The system sounds exactly as you would expect a mini fridge to sound with the compressor on.

  • Cody OR420 1 year ago

    is that your air pump or fan making that loud noise? i like the mini fridge idea i'm in soil but leaning towards water. peace

  • DirtyGirlHydroponics 1 year ago

    I dont know who makes it. I order in bulk whenever I see it, I ordered some from ebay about 8 months ago. May still be there. Ive only seen it a few times around the net. I'm pretty sure its manufactured in China but I really cant say for sure.

  • Nick M 1 year ago

    oh okay, do you know the brand name? I like it and the less hot spots the better! thank you for responding btw

  • DirtyGirlHydroponics 1 year ago

    Its similar to mylar however it has a foam backing adheared to it ensuring even texture throughout and eliminated any risk of hot spots. 

  • Nick M 1 year ago

    is that Mylar you use for reflective?

  • T Nugent 1 year ago

    perfect for a dorm room

  • DirtyGirlHydroponics 1 year ago

    @cmybadz400 The OdorSok carbon filter does great for this size setup. The filter is rated at 190 CFM but the fan pulls the air through at only 80 CFM ensuring complete odor removal. Its also washable/reuseable which will save you a lot of money in the long run. Larger more expensive carbon filters and blower setups are designed for larger grow tents or rooms and most are not washable thus requiring regular replacement.


  • LiveSimpIy 1 year ago

    @McNubblez its a DWC system, one of the simplest hydroponic systems out there. Just look up a tutorial

  • DirtyGirlHydroponics 1 year ago

    Excellent product, quick delivery! Great seller, kept in contact all the time 😀

    -customer feedback through eBay

  • DirtyGirlHydroponics 1 year ago

    @bigdahhwg I took out most of the interior plastics and cut out a lot of the insulation from the bottom. The Odor Sok on top is the carbon filter. Its completely washable and reusable. Entire systems operates only slightly louder then you may expect a mini fridge to run but then its certainly not the smallest mini fridge, In fact its one of the largest available!

  • Joshua Sonnier 1 year ago

    did you gut the mini fridge completely? or just cover it with the insulation / metalic material you used? Also, is the top cylinder the carbon filter? Hows it on noise?

  • DirtyGirlHydroponics 1 year ago

    The lights I use put out a combined lumens greater then that of a 105 watt CFL grow system that you could easily pay over a hundered bucks for at any grow shop and certainly grows just fine. I include 4 6500K veg and 4 2700K flowering bulbs for spectrum specific lighting. Enclosing the system also does well to ensure no light is wasted.