Minecraft Tutorial: Modern Garden Landscape Design Ideas (Modern House Construction Episode 22)

Hello, GoodTimesWithScar brings you a new series of step-by-step videos of creative architecture. These videos are a series of tutorials on how to build houses and other great buildings. We will discuss all aspects of making a cool-looking house or structure from layout, architectural design and interior design. For the first modern residential project, we will build a large mansion-style residence. The house will be made of quartz, spruce and cyan hardened clay. In episode 22, I will show you how to create a modern garden landscape for your house. We will make a cool modern fence, trails and hedges, and plant a lot of custom flowers around the house. Hope the design concept in the video will be helpful to your Minecraft house construction. Like good times? Subscribe: My Twitch: My Facebook: My Twitter: Instagram:.


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