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Minecraft Garden Decoration Ideas! Here are some creative ideas to improve your garden with decoration tips, tricks and furniture! Hope you are all well! This was actually recorded live instead of voiced over in editing, tell me what you prefer 😀 Follow me! – Twitter: – Facebook: – Twitch: – Instagram: Do you believe in fairies? I hope so because everyone needs some whimsy and fantasy in their life. Every little girl loves fairies! There is just something about magic, pixie dust (and flying), and a hidden world only accessible to children. Maybe you don’t love pixies and sprites as much as your kids (spoilsport) but you will love these miniature gardens just as much. Maybe even more! I love the water fairy garden! How cute that it has a working waterfall. Using birdhouses to make a village is a lovely idea but I think my favorite would have to be the repurposed wheelbarrow. These mini gardens are especially great if you don’t have a lot of space but are looking for a ‘pop’ of color! Fairies have made quite the comeback. Have you seen the Tinkerbell franchise?! There is a lot of cool stuff out there. Backpacks, shoes, hair ribbons, school supplies and awesome movies. I kid you not, the movies are really good. Solid plots. Fun characters. Strong emotional appeal. 1. Fishing Pond Fairy Garden 2. Fairy Garden In A Wheelbarrow 3. Birdbath Fairy Garden 4. Fairy Garden Table 5. Suitcase Fairy Garden 6. Potted Fairy Garden 7. Fairy Village 8. Kitchen Fairy Garden 9. Drawer Fairy Garden 10. Water Fairy Garden 11. Teacup Fairy Garden 12. Hobbit Hole Fairy Garden Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsMINECRAFT BEAUTIFUL GARDEN!!! Garden Decoration Ideas! Underground survival base – Tutorial30 Simple DIY Bird House Ideas – DIY […]

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  • Csaba012 - YouTube 1 year ago

    +Grian Hy please give me a download link

  • Leah Wintermountain 1 year ago

    What… I saw you on Yandere Highschool.. 

  • C hris 1 year ago

    on what minecraft version do you play? I would like to use VoxelSniper as well but i can't get it to work. Maybe i play the wrong version?

  • Evan Yamada 1 year ago

    It's so beutiful

  • Louise Esteban 1 year ago

    I see it

  • Sabrina Hormaza 1 year ago

    i really wish that i was a good builder and right now im practiing ;( aa

  • Christian Cusano 1 year ago

    Grian is literally the best builder I have ever seen. He should be a part of FyreUK

  • Diana Raquepaw 1 year ago

    Statue is Thinker/Thinking Man, idk which

  • Hula Giraffe 1 year ago

    Live voice

  • Everin Rea 1 year ago

    I definitely like it better when you talk live!

  • imi eley 1 year ago

    I can't place buttons on the floor on my pc

  • imi eley 1 year ago

    my god

  • Spectrum Anime 1 year ago

    Fantastic video, 10/10

  • Soren Schultz (SorenINT2000) 1 year ago

    I liked this, but it doesn't seem quite like the thing that you would build in survival MC; it's on a flat world. Can you please create a video like this, except with a survival landscape? That would be a lot more helpful.

  • Annika Khan 1 year ago

    Thanks Grian!
    This video (and many others) saved my world. In my MC world I was so BLANK and so ew then, I found out
    about your channel!
    I hope whoever reads this has an amazing day. Bye!

  • RossOriginals 1 year ago

    Still no podsol?

    Trellis, the arch things are called trellis! and the plants on them are climbing vines.

  • Tobias Van Hulzen 1 year ago

    i like the way how i finally found something in mc you're not good in. command blocks

  • Codieno07 1 year ago

    Hey guys, as Grian says with the apples in the tree to try to find a plugin to summon the apples but you can do that with a simple command. The command is. /give @p skull 1 3 {SkullOwner:MHF_Apple}. If you type that command in it will give you the apple head. Obviously if you exchange the MHF_Apple part for another name you will get somebody else. I hope that helped!

  • Minerenger 1 year ago

    i can see him