Minecraft: 5 beautiful garden designs to show off your world

In this video, I will show you how to build 5 complete garden designs. These are great for filling in blank spaces in your village, town or city. Each design considers different themes when designing. Let me know if you want to see more designs in the comments. 00:00-Introduction 00:26-Paved rose garden 05:32-Desert theme garden 13:18-Elf water garden 25:31-Leisure garden with water flow 36:07-Sunken castle garden visit Minecraft download Or join my community and become a YouTube channel member or patron, thus becoming a survival server-or #Minecraft #HowToBuild #Tutorial ******************►Minecraft 1.16 Java Edition►Texture Pack: Jermsyboys Better Leaf added ► Shader: BSL *******************❤️ Want more? Subscribe and never miss any video ►💻Follow me: ►Twitter: ►Discord: ►Instagram: *****************.


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