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Milo the cartoon for kids, Milo is a cute bunny rabbit. As a 6 year-old child, he has all the positive and negative aspects of his age. He reacts with the surrrounding environment in a positive way, thanks also to his parents who help him to get to know the things and people who attract his natural curiosity. He is a curious rabbit, and is slowly but surely learning about himself and the world around him, a constant source of novelties, surprises, informations and encounters through not necessarily of truth. Subscribe for more episodes : Watch your favorite pre-school cartoon in Mini TV: Milo, Louie draw me something, 64 Zoo Lane, Mouk, Hilltop Hospital, Pablo the little red Fox, Ethelbert, Archibald the Koala, Lazy Lucy, Jasper the pengouin and much more to come … ANIMALS IN THE GARDEN Milo and Judith decide they want to start a zoo. Their first mission is to catch all the different bugs and creatures around the garden. From grasshoppers to lizards, frogs and butterflies, they bring the whole lot into Milo’s bedroom, where the zoo will take shape. The children try their best to keep the creatures still. Finally, Vanessa comes into the room and, upon seeing the chaotic scene, tells Milo and Judith that they should set their menagerie free. After all, she adds, they need their freedom more than anything else… More episode of Milo here: Milo it’s snow time | Cartoon for kids: Milo the tree house | Cartoon for kids: Milo the Monster | Cartoon for kids: Milo the bicycle | Cartoon for kids: Milo the Attic | Cartoon for kids: More episodes of LOUIE: More episodes of 64 ZOO LANE: More episode of MOUK: Video Rating: / 5 Related […]

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