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Milk Bottle Planters – Vegetable Planters Made Easy Make your own Milk bottle planters. How many milk jugs do you throw out? Why not save some and make some DIY planters out of them. Here I’m using them for Tomatoes but many other vegetables and flowers can be planted in milk jugs as well. This could be especially beneficial if you lack space for vegetable gardening. The planter hangers can be found at any garden center. We have accumulated many over the years and I try to make use of them. Thanks for watching. Please leave a comment, like or subscribe You may also be interested in these videos: Time To Replant A Pineapple Transplanting a Banana Plant (Pup) Growing Sweet Potatoes in Hanging Water Bottles Related PostsAquaponics Rocks ( Growing Medium ) Wash Install Plant – $40 Aquaponics – Barrelponics Made EasyVertical Gardening Made Easy – Small Space Vegetable GardenVertical Gardening Made Easy – Small Space Vegetable GardenVegetable Gardening Made EasyGardening Starters: The basics of vegetable gardening made easyA Vertical Garden Made from DIY Stackable Planters

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  • wildirishindian 1 year ago

    To everyone asking about the  hangers. You can improvise. It you're  a fisherman just  use  some 10-15 lb. test line.  .Or get a spool of cheap gaged  wire at  Hobby  Lobby or  WaL Mart.  Yarn. Lots of choices.

  • Jason Woodson 1 year ago

    Better to plant it in the top of the container ! The plant grow up towards the sun not down. 

  • Doug W 1 year ago

    where did you buy the plastic plant holders at? I've been looking all over the place with no luck. thanks…..

  • Roy Poud 1 year ago

    dont the newer milk bottles biodegrade fairly quick??

       great idea.

  • Elizabeth Henry 1 year ago

    they stole your idea

  • YouCollege Staff 1 year ago

    why did you decide  to grow the tomatoes out of the bottom of the milk jug?

  • Carol Farkas 1 year ago

    I think this is brilliant! the milk jug is ugly so you grow the plant out the bottom and it grows up covering the milk bottle so you just have a hanging ball of green. Love it!

  • Tom Fisher 1 year ago

    Wouldn't think that one gallon would do it for tomatoes but who knows.

  • Gina Pocan 1 year ago

    I am real ignorant to this, so I have to ask, what is the purpose behind the plant growing out of the bottom of the planter? That seems unnatural, won't it curl up?

  • Denise Grupe 1 year ago

    Get some good rope, maybe nylon as opposed to hemp and make your own.  If you have tons of time and are obsessive like me, you could even macrame the hangers. ;)

  • Jordan Fever 1 year ago

    You can easily cut a 2 wire about 3ft fold them in half and twist together to make a loop then you can get 4 prong hanging..

  • nathen oneal 1 year ago

    im trying this…

  • Prepper Dino 1 year ago

    Thanks for your video, so go check out Larry Hall on FaceBook or YouTube, and see his "Rain Gutter Grow" set up, also his Kiddy pool using the Wal-Mart blue bags and a small kiddy pool from Wal-Mart to grow veggies in, I just bought 20 of them at Wal-Mart yesterday… Good luck!

  • Annie Gaddis 1 year ago

    I'd like to give this a try! Do you have a link to were you purchased the 3-prong hangers?

  • Sheds Direct Manchester 1 year ago

    I am very much pleased and thankful for letting me know how it goes. I found these ideas are quite resourceful and very economical vegetable planters you might have. Brilliant information indeed! 

  • cristinabantiuc15 1 year ago

    uugh this is stupid

  • tjar12 1 year ago

    Thanks for checking it out

  • GrowItFromSeed 1 year ago

    Thanks man. Great video. I will use this technique soon and post the results on my channel.

  • tjar12 1 year ago

    It works good if you don't have room for pots but have room to hang stuff.

  • nery colon 1 1 year ago

    That's great. I use these milk containers in different way to plant yet I never thought of this way. Thanks for showing us another way to do gardening.