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Listen to the new music project “Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz” at! Music video by Miley Cyrus performing BB Talk. (C) 2015. Related PostsMike WiLL Made-It – 23 (Explicit) ft. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy JGardening talk and growing petuniaEconomics of Indoor Growing (Live) | Let’s Talk Indoor Farming!Woodbridge Shop Talk: London Eco-Roof Manufacturing Inc.Gardening Australia: Costa talk rooftop gardensFreaky Graveyard Walk & Talk Freak Daddy Victoria Annabelle Forgotten Cemetery


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  • Abril Rivera 1 year ago

    amo esta canción❤

  • bryan bozinovic 1 year ago

    Miley Cyrus es "REPTILIANA " informense sobre miley cyrus es reptiliana mu gustan sus canciones no es por ofender pero informense 🙂 :-0

  • Alexinator 1 year ago

    0:47 Miley I see your your nipple

  • BAEKHYUN GIRL 1 year ago

    Hate you bitch how Tgerota word on EXO

  • anime &mlp 1 year ago

    exoAnte better than you jealous of exo you said this in tweets false things about exo Ante jealous of exo because they're better than you a thousand times

  • hajlaoui ouiem 1 year ago

    why is there so many dislikes and less views than her other songs..??? tbh i like it

  • Tayara WD 1 year ago

    so there's this thing called jesus

  • Тупой Украинчик 1 year ago


  • JohnSams 1 year ago

    I like her singing voice, i fucking hate her talking voice. Too low.

  • Roseanna Claire Productions 1 year ago

    Seriously….what even gives her the right to make songs and videos as terrible as this when talented musicians can't even get record deals.

  • Lara Heerema 1 year ago

    the beat's cool

  • Hailey McLean 1 year ago

    Even the bibs say "Cry Baby…""""""""""" MELANIE NMUCH!!

  • Hailey McLean 1 year ago

    Melanie Much… not the lyrics but the style of the video

  • chaseツ 1 year ago

    why does everyone think this is so bad? shes not even copying melanie lmao, and i like melanie

  • VibesBeLike 1 year ago


  • Luuk van Hoogstraaten 1 year ago

    Yeh… i really shouldnt watch this after her backyard sessions… i fell in love and now its like she took a huge smelly shit.

  • Walter White 1 year ago

    mileys gone bad

  • TsCm Skills 1 year ago

    wtf is this shit

  • spooky hami fizzy 1 year ago

    i like this better than most of melanie's stuff tbh

  • Andrea Barber 1 year ago

    Creepy music videos are Melanie Martinez's thing miley