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Download Mike WiLL Made-It “23” ft. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J Director: Hannah Lux Davis and Michael Illiams Follow Mike WiLL Made-It: Twitter: IG: Facebook: Music video by Mike Will Made It performing 23 (Explicit) ft. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J. © 2013 Interscope Video Rating: / 5 The full, uncut 84 Lumber Super Bowl promotional film. See a mother and daughter’s symbolic migrant journey towards becoming legal American citizens. Contains content deemed too controversial for the original ad and banned from broadcast. Learn more about opportunities with 84 Lumber at Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsMiley Cyrus – BB TalkBurj Khalifa Dubai’s Vertical City – 1 hour TV documentaryMike Nowak and Blake Davis Talk Aquaponics at The PlantMike the Reluctant GardenerMike the Reluctant GardenerMike the Reluctant Gardener

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  • Oz Ivan 10 months ago

    666 million views

  • O_Senpai 10 months ago

    666m oh god

    Like or die in a minute

  • Yoo_girl_Ashley DA_ games 10 months ago

    Who is watching in 2017

  • OtX GaLaXy 10 months ago

    Miley ruined this song and their is 666mil views.

  • jess Munro 10 months ago

    almost. 4 years. later. still. awsome

  • mateus bessa 10 months ago


  • Gandolf Senpai 10 months ago

    When you see this song has 666M views……..coincidence? I don't think so

  • carmen nitescu 10 months ago

    666M VIE

  • Eki pós amigos 10 months ago

    666 M Views,

  • Lambo Officiel 10 months ago

    666 M hahahah deviil number

  • David Friend 10 months ago


  • David Friend 10 months ago

    666 visual lol

  • Efe Özdemir 10 months ago

    rip for every person who pumped up by this song and tried to do that thing at first scene

  • Hypex - Alisio 10 months ago

    666.000.000 OMAGAHHD

  • Rubble Sack 10 months ago

    Im in the club high on glue with bifocles on. Tied up being robbed with my slazengers on.

  • dragonare 10 months ago

    yo does anyone realize the three 666 in the beginning of where it shows the views it got if not now you know

  • Kitt• Katt 10 months ago


  • Trenton Webb 10 months ago

    Im late AF but why did you do this Miley

  • Ben Toghill 10 months ago

    you know when you see talent

    and when you dont

  • AngelStar10 10 months ago

    666M views I'm sensing a weird vibe here…

  • jsims644 10 months ago

    i'm sorry is this a political add saying that trumps decision of making a wall is bad or is this a political add saying trump will add a big ass door for immigrants to enter…..either way its dumb

  • Marjannah Lehman 10 months ago


  • Griffin Factor 10 months ago

    Hire American citizens

  • zev1963 10 months ago

    I wonder if this nation could survive without the hope that many honest immigrants bring to America. Not just the ones from the south of America but every country. Freedom, fortune or just a chance. Two of the Donald's wives were immigrants also. Did they marry for freedom, fortune or ..? Would Friedrich Trump care?

  • Lucas Rackley 10 months ago

    As long as you come into our country LEGALLY, it's fine. Because NOT coming in legally has been a problem.

  • The New Rev 10 months ago

    84 Lumber spent how much money to inform us they support ILLEGAL immigration?

  • big chad 10 months ago

    Thanks 84 lumber! You just have me a reason to shop at Home Depot. 84 lumber pays so little, illegals are probably the only ones that will work there.

  • Fish Sticks 10 months ago

    Once it gets to the end where the gate opens, play it in reverse 2x faster. 😉

  • Michel Lalin 10 months ago

    Somehow comments are disappearing. Unless they are simple.

  • Amigo Kandu 10 months ago

    Would the Bracero Program solve what the Wall promises to do? People with a work permit could focus on getting to work sites instead of needlessly hiking across deserts to avoid walls, paying smugglers thousands of dollars, and then getting exploited at jobs. Job sites full of Legal workers seems would keep out undocumented workers, in a perfect world.

  • Amigo Kandu 10 months ago

    A Wall… is nothing but a Speed Bump to desperate poor – if there is no resolve to enforce immigration laws and workplace legal requirements. A wall to stop border chaos, because Govts fail the people

  • Amigo Kandu 10 months ago

    With Operation Gatekeeper, border deaths increased, violence increased, smuggling of humans increased, fees charged by smugglers increased, even corruption of US agents Increased. NAFTA factories in Mexico offered little hope.

  • Amigo Kandu 10 months ago

    When US began Operation Gatekeeper in 1994 to finally seal off the border, INS Commissioner Doris Meissner assumed only urban border areas needed control. She thought the deserts & mountains were not crossable, but thousands died trying.

  • Amigo Kandu 10 months ago

    Mexico was neutral during WWII, and US allowed for Bracero worker program to bring Mexican laborers into US. This started a long co-dependency that continues long after Bracero worker program was stopped. Mexican Govt bad choices each generation forced them to de-value their currency in 70's & 80's, pushing their poor to seek American dollars, while exploited both ways.

  • Ward McCreery 10 months ago

    Beautifully done!!

  • bobby c 10 months ago

    Watching this, I promised myself I wouldn't cry, And I Didn't. Boo freakin' whooo.

  • fosterfell 10 months ago

    Astonishing. To 84Lumber: When can you open a store in Bend, Oregon. Thank you so much for dispelling fear and hatred.