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Completely organic urban gardening in Chicago, IL. hosted by tattooer, and plant lover, Caitlin and her dog Laika. We grow from seed. In this week’s episode we are going to show you around the garden and give you updates on the tomatoes, sunflowers, pepper plants, kale, cucumbers, and others. We focus on sustainable practices and low budget growing. Not everything is perfect and we are learning as we grow! All you need is seeds, space, and patience! Ask me any questions or leave your comments! All helpful info is appreciated! Praxxus55712 is my favorite youtube gardener, please follow because I have learned most of what I know from watching him: Follow us on Instagram: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsWinter Vegetable Gardening | An Urban Garden TourBackyard Garden Tour – My Urban Food Forest – What I Ate Today Out of My Yard109 in the urban garden : Arizona gardening in August : Garden tourExtended Front Yard Urban Vegetable Garden TourMy urban apartment garden 01 quick tour in failing light and planting some seedsFamily Garden Ideas & Design | Kid Friendly | Make Gardening a Tradition | Garden Tour //Garden Farm

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  • Mind Over Me 2 weeks ago

    Nice, finally found a chicago channel about growing food. Good job

  • Martha Cecilia Muniz 2 weeks ago

    Like your video, I already started some seeds indoors just to get a head start on my veggies. FYI Costco has 10lb bag of worm castings at a good price. I grabbed a few bags since I just started composting.

  • The Domestic Handmaiden of Distinction Lifestyle 2 weeks ago

    I am really enjoying this video! I am also in Chicago. I currently do a little indoor container gardening. I am, as we speak, conducting a vegetable seed giveaway on my channel. Happy gardening.

  • Peter Del 2 weeks ago

    very nice garden and informative and good knowledge i loved this video thank you for sharing liked and subbed

  • Browncoat Blue 2 weeks ago

    Great video! Things look pretty good! That dirt with no nitrogen is very strange. I know you mentioned 1/3, 1/3, 1/3. That usually does the trick. I'd probably keep the dirt but when you amend it, add a good portion of coconut coir to keep it from washing out so fast. Maybe to compost isn't fully broken down yet and it will be better next year.

  • The Patio Gardeners 2 weeks ago

    Wow! You have a lot of space. We are super jealous–our garden is limited to a single plot in a community garden. How early did you plant this year?