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  • Grey Aaren 5 years ago

    Can you take one of these to space??

  • Ted Cantu 5 years ago

    No we don’t , we’re good thanks

  • Detroit MonkeyCheese 5 years ago

    edenzhydro rocks..

  • WickedMemory 5 years ago

    hey, i can read the price numbers cuz i have a eye problem, anone can tell
    me what is the total price?

  • CarboneraCarlos 5 years ago

    dude im so gonna grow pot like this!

  • kwboie 5 years ago

    I’m buying drip emitters and not sure what gage (gph) to get. Any

  • Kimmy kikon 5 years ago

    Can someone tell me where I can get these said supplies? Or which ones I
    need. A “Pump” is kind of a broad subject.

  • Arcygenical 5 years ago

    So many idiots posting in this video…

  • selfsufficientlife 5 years ago

    Sounds interesting.

  • Elektro Bear 5 years ago

    I would recommend a rubbermaid container instead of an aquarium. Cheaper
    and safer

  • nrlsky 5 years ago

    I’ve seen that as well icefox; actually, I have a few. You barely ever need
    to feed the fish because the plant feeds them. They could never eat enough
    to damage the plant though. I just have mine in small clear vases though. I
    think if you were intent on making the plants produce alot, the nutrients
    you would need would hurt the fish.

  • gp8383 5 years ago

    retarded music

  • neogardener 5 years ago

    What’s good about Youtube is that it lets people share the best information
    to others. This is a great example where more people have easy access to
    vital topics such as hydroponics. Who would have thought that just less
    than $60, you can create a system that can help you produce the best crops
    with no dirt! That is really great!

  • schwat 5 years ago

    This was an awesome an awesome video, thanks for posting this. Another
    thing you could use for the reservior is a large rubbermaid container. If
    you cover it in that metallic tape they use for repairing ducts its
    completely light tight. For the container and tape its about $10. I’ve made
    a smaller version for taking clones, about the size of a shoebox and it
    worked great. I’m about to try my first full size hydro system and grow
    some lettuce, so this video was a lot of help. 🙂

  • Jose Diaz 5 years ago

    this is like the things the aztecs used to use i think they called them
    chinimpas or something like that! damn.

  • lickthebubble 5 years ago

    no this wont work for weed you need a totaly difrent setup btw your weed
    plant would probly only grow up about 3 inches high if that then fall over
    like a limp noodle and thats if ya can get tha damn thing growing in that
    peice o shit you need proper lighting / heat elements / cemacals etc. not
    to mention its a kit specialy made for pot!!! so unless you want to pay
    315+ {alone on the tank kit } your better off dirt farming

  • BlackApollo666 5 years ago


  • TobayInHell 5 years ago

    you get massive buds with those things… if you do it right of course.

  • dirtyminded604 5 years ago

    t you idiots out there. this is simply showing how to build a hydroponic
    garden. he’s not showing you how to grow them! obviously you need lights,
    and nutrients must be added to the water. for hydroponic gardens the ph
    should be between 5.9 – 6.3…

  • Blackplague17 5 years ago

    what song is this?

  • Jeffrey Steinberg 5 years ago

    whats the point of having it float up and down? why not just add water?

  • selfsufficientlife 5 years ago

    The total is a little under $60

  • Derek Miller 5 years ago

    You went to a lot of trouble masking over and sealing something
    see-through. Would it be less expensive to use a large Styrofoam cooler or
    a ceramic container? Nice build and plant support idea!

  • William Ross 5 years ago

    So this whole setup is to support three plants that have to be tiny or they
    fall over? Like maybe for a single head of lettuce in each whole, tops?
    Plus you need grow lights, constant pumping and special nutrients? This
    does not seem like a technology that lends itself to profit, or even self
    sufficiency. ?

  • Cakes Downey 5 years ago

    brilliant idea to have floating styrofoam. styrofoam is also rather
    anti-bacterial/fungal i think since they use those containers to put cheese
    jugs in to ferment.

  • 3L3M3NT666 5 years ago

    I love that!

  • Jake Asher 5 years ago

    nutrients arent needed as much with herbs.. the more stressed they are, the
    more essential oils they produce thus flavor.. etc.. herbs = weeds. as for
    marijuana growing, it could be done with this very easily. however it would
    be more involved. check with local laws before proceeding.

  • lovingmygarden 5 years ago

    It is a nice video presentation although I think it would have been better
    if you showed the actual building process not just picture slides. However,
    this is really interesting. You can actually build a homemade hydroponics
    system with just less than $60, that is really cool. 🙂