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Articles: Video Rating: / 5 A dream has come true of completely farm-raising bluefin tuna to aid sustainability of marine stocks worldwide From the development of fish farming technologies of commercially important fish to practical models of industry-supporting research and completely farm-raising bluefin tuna, the Fisheries Laboratory aims at attaining the world’s highest level of research and education. Completed-cycle culture to replenish depleted fish stocks The bluefin tuna is the most prized of 1he tuna family. It is a large fish that grows to 3 m in length and 500 kg in weight as an adult. As the result of its good taste and high price, it has been overfished in recent years, resulting in the decrease in numbers. As a countermeasure, action has been taken worldwide to reduce catches. Today, a large quantity of the marketed bluefin tuna is farm-raised, which comes from wild-caught seed that have been raised to marketable size. If the fry are overfished, it is foreseen that farm-raised numbers will also decline. To maintain supplies under such severe conditions, technology for completely farm-raising bluefin tuna is needed. This technology Involves raising artificially hatched larvae to adults, collecting eggs from them and artificially hatching those eggs to create the next generation. The fish are farm-raised in all stages without requiring wild stock. fish farm fish farming Tuna Overfishing bluefin tuna, bluefintuna, giant bluefin bigeye tuna tuna nutrition facts how to start fish farming business fish farming blue fin tuna value blue fin tuna migration blue fin tuna pics blue fin tuna habitat how much is a blue fin tuna worth northern blue fin tuna blue fin tuna regulations blue fin tuna images blue fin tuna population blue fin tuna speed blue fin tuna sashimi cost of blue fin tuna big blue fin tuna blue […]

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  • james baker 1 year ago

    Just a thought be very careful who you elect to public office. Ask hard questions make them answer the questions and hold them to what they say.

  • Americus Patrioticus 1 year ago

    If you don't like the farm environment don't move next to a farm. If you don't like industry, don't move next to an industrial park! If you don't like neighbors with noisy hobbies, don't move next someone who practices a noisy hobby! If you don't like a quiet, peaceful property, don't move next to quiet, peaceful people. When one moves into a new home or location, one does not have the right to impose one's own standards on the people already living there, with the exception of one's basic human rights.

    Throughout the USA, farmland and old industrial land is increasingly being rezoned for residential use. That does not obligate the surrounding farms, industries, shooting ranges, airports, etcetera to close their businesses to please their new neighbors. The new neighbors have an obligation to carefully inspect the property before buying and find out about all neighboring land and its current and potential future uses. Before purchasing a piece of land, one has an obligation to find out about the land's past use, resources, minerals, ores, gems, natural geographic anomalies such as faults, springs, water table, and more. Before purchasing a piece of land, one has an obligation to find out about all legal attachments such as other claimants, deeds, mineral rights, liens, rights of way, adverse possessions, local domains, eminent domains, tribal claims, and more. One should look for the obvious as well. The fifty foot high berm behind the shooting range next door should be telling the real estate developer that the property under consideration might not be a good place for an HOA condominium complex. Don't count on bullying the existing property owners into selling or closing their activities. Don't count on using your clout in local politics to shut down your neighbors. You don't have that right. You are the newcomer. They are established in the neighborhood. Newcomers don't have the right to tell old timers to cease and desist for the newcomers pleasure. The newcomers have the option not to move in.

  • snicklefritzdabest 1 year ago

    This just sounds stupid. When you tour a house before you buy it and hear a cow moo or a horse neigh or a rooster crow….its a pretty good indication it's gonna still happen when you move in. I have 10 acres with 6 horses, 3 goats & 3 dogs with neighbors just a stone throw away by the house. What else would you use a good chunk of acreage for if not to have livestock? I guess you could have a huge garden like one of my neighbors but then you might get lawsuits for the vegetables attracting too many bunnies. Stupid vegetables causing trouble

  • Audrey M 1 year ago

    I'm in the Southwest Virgina area which is mostly rural. Our laws seem to favor anyone who wants to farm. We love it here. People still wave when you drive by. People leave their keys in the car and their doors unlocked(for now). You're kinda strange if you don't own a gun and drive a truck. lol   Having said that, most people have to drive at least 20 min to get to a grocery store. Wal-Mart is the largest store in the area, but we've gotten used to it and find the longer we're here, the more I like the peacefulness and freedom to do what we want on/with our own land. Plus you can't beat the gorgeous mountain views. If you ever feel you have to move, I highly recommend it. ;-)

  • selfbow hunter. 1 year ago

    Bummer. The only suggestion  is to sell and go really rural, to an area in which not many people want to live.
    Move to a "bad school district". 
    Sorry for your situation.

  • Clay Bransom 1 year ago

    Hope that doesnt happen in Texas.  I want to get some property one day and have a few goats as pets (I can have 2 Pygmys in my suburb but my backyard isnt big enough for them) 

  • bigwilderness3006 1 year ago

    I really do not see where losing our rights in any form as a good idea..We already have a animal control so really this is a bad idea..
    Remember what real freedom felt like??? We need to stop this ignorant law this will be enforced just like blight and a hundred other laws they will just say it was your nieghbor driving wedges..Watch and see..

  • CinnamonHuskies 1 year ago

    I will continue to grow and raise whatever the hell I want until they force me otherwise…then I will move out of state. This amendment protects big Ag not the little guy. -Michelle at Kaleva Creek.

  • robbin312 1 year ago

    there was also another article stating that they did not renew the right to farm act,  they let it expire.  a small 6 acre farm in Gwinn , mi.  is being closed down due to this.

  • gthree0239 1 year ago

    any power taken from the people and given to the government is a bad deal.  you move to the country your gonna smell manure, you move near an airport your going to hear planes, you live near an interstate cars so on and so on. 

  • eyeYQ2 1 year ago

    Had to re-sub, as you might remember, we are HOPING to move to Michigan.
    And thank you again for your information. I think we are going to go to the outskirts of Ann Arbor. Stopped by because I wanted to see (hear) what you had to say on this subject. Good to hear your input because so many people just concentrate on the negative, and there are many negatives these days. One day at a time : ) Maybe time to build some wooden fences to keep out the eyes?

  • eleanornjim 1 year ago

    The reason I moved to the country was to be around people who have farm animals. I love the sounds and the smells.  I have a neighbor with chickens and I love to hear the roosters crow in the morning. Right now, I have rabbits and I'm hoping to get chickens in the future. I hope we don't have a problem with the government here in Florida. 

  • BeppyCat 1 year ago

    In some places, horses are an exception to the rule. I see this as pure snobbery and class prejudice, because big useless expensive pasture decoration is okay, but useful, food producing, animals are kept out. I know you love horses and don't see them that way, but that's the way most owners treat them in my area.

  • nikki mcmains 1 year ago

    This sort of law worries me.  It's one of those 'flexible' laws (until someone, with some power, decides to be inflexible)  that make those that aren't being it's victims, grateful, and those that are, with no way out. except to go elsewhere.  I have a friend that had to leave her home (rent it out, and go stay with her 70 year old parents, in another state) because the town she lived in, passed a law where you could have NO MORE than 5 pets.  She had that many cats, and 3 poodles.  

  • Vicki Olson 1 year ago

    The right to farm act is like the right to work act, the words are so misleading!!!   You are right, the right to farm act was made to protect big busness.   When the powers that be found that there was a loop hole that allowed little enterprises to use it, they moved to close it and the result is what you see now.    This is all about driving the little guys out of business !!!   We, the little people don't matter any more to our elected officials because they are bought and sold by big money. !!!!

  • Tracy P 1 year ago

    There's a petition now to reverse the decision at

  • mikemorrison281 1 year ago

    I can't believe this is going on…I've been helping Mark Baker with his struggles since you made me aware of them. This is just more of the same, it seems. How can they change a law that will affect so many people that have built their lives in a very specific way?? It seems as arbitrary as saying that next year no one can drive a car anymore. We are losing our country day by day.

  • STOPPUCKNOW 1 year ago

    when u read it do you belive it applies to u

  • Dee Zak 1 year ago

    Wish ya luck!

  • sheryl2pnt0 1 year ago

    Would there be any Grandfathering in? It seems unreasonable to expect someone who has had animals for 20 years to just give them up. 

  • JT Techman 1 year ago

    Kinky University

  • Patrick TheBaptist 1 year ago

    I bet they don't taste as good as wild caught and by feeding them "feed" I bet that it will only cause problems on down the line for the people eating that crap.
    I think tuna sucks anyways.

  • deputy1040 1 year ago

    So what's in the feed??? all kinds of shit chemicals, steroids and who knows what else they put in there to make them grow faster. No thanks, I won't eat
    that shit!!!

  • Art Marquez 1 year ago

    If they are needing to genetically modify it and feed it unnatural meal like pork and other animal bi products. The animal is already extinct. How sad Kinky University students your not helping by doing this

  • Kevin Escalante 1 year ago

    In this business your going to unintentionally kill alot of raised tuna because to the level of difficulty it is to raise a tuna from hatchery to adult size tunas.

  • John Pham 1 year ago

    why not just release the frys to the big ocean

  • Riot4Peace 1 year ago

    Humans will find a way to make them live… whether they want to or not. We'll force them. They'd probably rather die than live like that. But, they don't really have a choice in the matter, do they. If ya threw a gun in there, one of them would probably figure out how to use it.

  • fielmaso 1 year ago

    damn i watched this video already in 2014 and i cant even remember

  • vivek ramsubhag 1 year ago

    When human creature start eating human…

  • klimpomp 1 year ago

    why am I watching this…

  • jessxxy 1 year ago

    would you like chips with that? pass the vinegar"

  • jessxxy 1 year ago

    it's also born in high levels of radiation and has huge amounts of Mercury in them…

  • Luca Fuoco 1 year ago

    If they can produce tuna fish without any mercury in it, I'd gladly pay for that fish 100 times more than the mercury full tuna fish.

  • Jeff Knowles 1 year ago

    they should stock half of them in the ocean.

  • MassDynamic 1 year ago

    anyone that catches wild bluefin tuna should contribute some capital to hatcheries dedicated to bluefish tuna. that may help the bluefin tuna population bounce back a bit.

  • Erik Lee 1 year ago

    whattttt? Tsukiji is translated to "turkish" in the subtitles….

  • ari wolk 1 year ago

    the world leader in fish farming is Israel.

  • Jonel Ortega 1 year ago


  • hahalol 1 year ago

    nothing but Japanese propaganda trying to cover up the fact that they completely demolished the tuna stock. Why did they wait until the stocks were at 99% depletion to start this….mind boggling

  • david B 1 year ago

    should shape the feed in the shape of a fish,that might work