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Michel Petrucciani “Take The a Train” & “Rachid” – LIVE Nice Jazz Festival 1998 Directed by : Patrick Savey Musicians : Michel Petrucciani (piano) Anthony Jackson (bass) Steve Gadd (drums) Stefano Di Battista (saxophone) Flavio Boltro (trumpet) Denis Leloup (trombone) LIKE this video and subscribe to Zycopolis Youtube Channel at : Follow us on : Related PostsPerks, Quirks & Irks – 2019 Volvo V60 – Long live the long roofIG Live Roof Workout with PJ & MarissaBob James Quintet "Raise The Roof" Live at Java Jazz Festival 2006Kevin Carman & Dept. Live 03 @ 2016 Spring Dance Garden PartyCarole King & James Taylor – UP ON THE ROOF (Live)Gavro & Mladen Šiljak – Igra mala veseloga lica – KOLO (audio live 2019)

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  • Alfred Isallari 2 months ago

    Mi meraviglio tutte le volte che sento questa musica!

  • Mandi Szandi 2 months ago

    I love this short guy. So much heart in his play. And the band is cool, too. Anthony goes a little too far with his face, but his bass is as phenomenal, as usual 🙂

  • Miro Pribanić 2 months ago

    how would a drummer specify Steve Gadd's rhythm on ""A-train"…sounds like rock to me, or is it?

  • Ripp3r Jac 2 months ago

    Man. If he can achieve his damn dreams then so can I!

  • Коротко обо всём 2 months ago

    Дизлайщики, похоже, хотели Мурку….

  • Ollie Heron 2 months ago

    RIP to that middle C

  • Genivaldo Martins dos Santos 2 months ago

    Bom demais

  • 07 Andrew 2 months ago

    He's from the harry potter lol im joking…he's an amazing piano player and this combo with antohny jackson is magnificent..

  • Trista Fravel 2 months ago

    That guy should be instantly disqualified from getting a handicapped license plate

  • Ken Hurley 2 months ago

    Everybody got to show their stuff! And their stuff is better than most stuff! Great video.

  • Agni Neko 2 months ago

    Chulada de ejecución de Petrucciani… y ese director de cámaras andaba fino ese día, muy buen trabajo.

  • Jovocale COCO 2 months ago

    This is the most Jazzed-up ‘jazziest’ jazzy jazz ever… fantastic! …or should I say JAZZtastic!!!

  • musicaparaeventos3sm 2 months ago

    Bravo Petrucciani

  • Fokus 2 months ago

    Негру скорую вызовите. Что с ним?

  • Henrik Van den Berghe 2 months ago

    This man just played the same note for 50 seconds and can actually get away with it because all the rest is too brilliant

  • Алик 2 months ago

    мищель петручани ты бог супер