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Michael Pilarski discusses considerations for permaculture gardens, including the following topics: nettles, urban forests, intensive home food production, trellising, hugalkulturing in permaculture zones, and manure. Please subscribe Video Rating: / 5 Watch more landscape design videos Watch as Better Homes and Gardens shows you how to design a landscape! The most important thing to remember when choosing your landscape design is to do what you like–it is your yard, after all. Incorporate edging into your flower beds and in your lawn to keep weeds at bay and create a crisp, clean visual barrier. Utilize hardscape, or stepping stones, to create a functional pathway that breaks up the rest of your landscape plan. Use plants with bright foliage, such as ones with colored leaves, to help your green shrubbery come to life. Keep texture in mind when choosing your plants and flowers. For example, Black Lace Elderberry is a fun counterpoint to Evergreen Box Wood. Mix annuals, perennials, and shrubs with other landscape ideas to design a garden that is visually interesting and easy to design. Subscribe to the BHG Channel — Official Website: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Instagram: Related PostsPermaculture Design Course 09 Climate and Landscape ProfilesPermaculture Design Course 11 Landscape ProfilesFREE Permaculture Gardening Course GiveAway!! This Week Only!Permaculture Design Course Introduction (Hands On Experiences Learning)Why to do a “Permaculture Design Certificate Course” ?Kensington Roof Gardens – Project of the Week 5/7/18

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  • Jefferdaughter 5 years ago

    Not only in other parts of the world, but until the massive push for sub/urbanization of America after WWII, most Americans produced much of their own food – whether they lived in small towns, on farms, or in non-farming rural areas.

  • Bobbi Double 5 years ago

    great information in this about how to plan, he's got so much background that it's chock full of lessons as he designs the lot.

  • Sheds Direct 5 years ago

    You've got a very nice pathways! The selections of flowers to your landscape seems perfectly awesome. I am truly convinced with your great ideas. It really taught me a lot! Thank you.

  • Garden Sheds Kent 5 years ago

    If you are not satisfied with your landscape designs, here are the great tips to make it visually blooming and worth welcoming place. These ideas are equivalent to a