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JOIN US: We are a small Connecticut company that wants to convert unused factory buildings into indoor farms. We have done our research. We’ve proved that this is possible. And, now we need your help to make it happen. MetroCrops, LLC is an urban, high density, indoor (UHDI) farming initiative. Through a research grant from the U.S. Dept of Agriculture we have spent the last 2 years studying the feasibility of growing lettuce hydroponically under LED lights indoors in converted, old factory buildings. Our work to date shows that the liabilities of post-industrial cities can become valuable assets. The abundant supply of abandoned or empty factory buildings can become low-cost resources to establish UHDI farms. And, unemployed urban residents can be trained to become full-time UHDI farm technicians. The jobs created by UHDI farms will be permanent, full-time, 12-month a year jobs paying above minimum wage. Because of their location and the nature of these jobs, they cannot be outsourced to other countries. Because there is an unfulfilled demand for year round, locally grown produce in the northeast, our project is both timely and innovative. Small-to-medium size UHDI farms will be able to fulfill this need in a never-before tried way using technology. What We Need We have been growing lettuce crops in a leased space at UConn (Storrs, CT). The building that we occupy was built in 1952. Our room came without heat and air conditioning. And, it had no sink, running water or drain. This has taught us a great deal about adapting an old building to our concept of a UHDI farm. We improvised the plumbing and installed a water filtration system as part of our hydroponics setup. Our equipment was pieced together from commercially available items that were not designed for growing indoors. We […]

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  • Doctortomsvideos 1 year ago

    Please ….. I beg you please ….. please tear these buildings down……. the U.S.A. looks like a junk yard …. i agree with the indoor farm and would even invest … but build new buildings …. with style and glass … please give up you are not helping the world infact the opposite

  • Jo Lucas 1 year ago

    Please come to Shelton!

  • Blitzwing39 1 year ago

    this will create jobs and that will help any community to be self sustaining. 

  • MediaTreeAdvertising 1 year ago