Added by on 2018-02-12 Hail damaged roof replaced with new 26 guage metal roofing panels. All of our jobs are done according to local building codes in addition to the National Roofing Contractors Association specifications. References for codesMetal roofing panels installed over the properly prepared shingle roof , Jackson Ms. the perimeter shingles are trimmed back as well as the shingles on the rakes prior to installing the reflective foil insulation. Next, treated 1 x 4’s are nailed onto the existing rafters of the roof framing, these are on 2 foot centers. The existing ridge is removed, a 4 inch wide cut is made to vent the attic, and the roofing panels are turned up at the ridge to eliminate any blowing rain getting under the ridge cap. All the trim on the rakes, and flashing installed after metal panels are installed. Metal Roof Systems in High-Wind Regions…file=757…metalroof… File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – View as HTML Metal Roofing Systems Design Manual (Metal Building Manufacturers Association, 2000, … online at: http://www. Roof Products : ENERGY STAR About ENERGY STAR Roof Products. Overview; Specifications; FAQs. Roof Products. Americans spend about billion annually to air condition buildings … [PDF] ENERGY STAR Program Requirements for Roof Products…specs/…/Roof_Products_Program_Requireme… File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View can be found at 2. Prior to …. I. Metal Roof Panel: Roofing systems using metal panels are divided into two categories: … Roof Products Key Product Criteria : ENERGY STAR… Only those roof products that meet the specifications listed in either Table 1 or Table … shakes, architectural profiled metal and individual metal roof components. Energy Savers: Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency Apr 15, 2011 — Product, Requirements, More Information … Photo of a man working on a roof. … The credit is for “Any […]

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