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There are lots of sources out there that say to grow your vining fruit and vegetables vertically when you are working in a small space. I wondered if this was possible. Would the vine agree to climb up rather than spread out along the ground? Would the vine be able to support the fruit as it grew if it was just hanging there without the ground to carry most of the weight? Would the fruit fall off too soon? Well, since we are working in a small space, we decided to try growing vertically as best we could. We very easily trained the melon vines to climb the curly tomato stakes and now we have young melons growing. Are they proving to be too heavy? What are your suggestions for us at this point to ensure we get to see these melons reach their full maturity? Also, check out for more urban gardening discussions. Related PostsHow to Sling Vertical Growing MelonsVertical Farming in Kakaako – Kerry KakazuGrowing Vertical Growing Squash Melons and Cucumbers up a nylon web trellisHydroponic Vertical MelonsMelon netting – Growing Vertical Growing Squash Melons and Cucumbers up a nylon web trellisBeginner Balcony Food Gardening: Beans, Peppers, Scallions, Melons, More …


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  • Ben Dreis 1 year ago

    You did great as far as I can tell.
    Have you made progress in the last 6yrs since then?

  • SaltOfTheEarth07 1 year ago

    I've grown melons up my chain linked fence without any extra supports. All I did was guided the plant as it grew (weaving it in and out of the chain links) and it did great!

  • JustG 1 year ago

    I used the netting from onions and other produce to make a hammock under each melon so the weight doesn't stress the plant or the trellis. It worked great! This year I just bought a roll of plastic netting at the fabric store and made hammocks with that. So far so good!

  • ORANGE FISHHEAD 1 year ago

    When those curly strands near the fruit go brown and dry up the fruit is ripe for picking.

  • Saundra Frioux 1 year ago

    Typically female flowers are only present for a short time. If they are not pollinated with a male flower your yield will not be as much. I also have used recycled t-shirt (cotton) strips to hoist the mellons into a cradle and tie it up on something, such as long penny nails on the stakes will work just fine.

  • dheller777 1 year ago

    I always used some of my wife's old hose to support the fruit. I just cut them into tube lengths that would expand and support the melons as they grew. I would tie them of to the support using zip ties and as the melons grew they would expand in the hose and yet still be supported with good airflow around the fruit.

  • Miss Jeri 1 year ago

    They reason the vine smooshed together is your staking is too smooth. But, otherwise. You are doing a terrific job

  • irishbreakfast 1 year ago

    ace bandage like a sling to support then works best. tying secure 2 in on either side of the vine where the stem of the fruit is helps too, depending on size. I do it with my jack-o-lantern pumpkins along my chain link  fence 5ft off the ground. they grow right long the top of it tward the sun, and can be tied to combat the wind.  last year I had a 30 lb pumpkin hanging from my fence using the method I described. coulda done bigger too, but the vine where the stem connects was under maximum strain already. the yarn was cutting into it with the hanging weight. move it around every few days so it doesn't cut through. always full and direct sun all day long is ldeal for pumpkins and melons. water every day.

  • soisitimpossible 1 year ago

    my folks would ripen everything from melon to tomatoes stacked in news print, give it a go it might work!!

  • Islandfree 1 year ago

    Minnesota midget melon…very popular..cantalope

  • Daniel Bohatkiewicz 1 year ago

    Youre growing up a lattice. Use String and cloth hammocks to hold cantaloupe. A section of chain link fence works just as good. Miricle grows good but I prefer nightcrawler castings. So yeah Keep em watered and BAM! When theyre heavy enough they'll almost come off the vine themselves orange as hell and as sweet as they should be.

  • Scott Somerville 1 year ago

    is that rockmelon?

  • Gloria Gothard 1 year ago

    Taking the male flower off and putting into the female flower,,,,,will pollinate your plants better and will give more fruit,,,,,I just watched a video

  • cortezinco 1 year ago

    awesome Mellon's

  • Noah Boddy 1 year ago

    You could try supporting the melons with hairnets zip-tied to your metal support frames.  The Dollar store will probably have these items.

  • Le Basi 1 year ago

    I use cut up t shirts to support my cantaloupe. I make cradles and support weight on trellis . I also use the panty house suggestion.

  • Bryan Barnard 1 year ago

    Nice Video!

    If you coat your corkscrew supports with rubber cement before the season begins, the vines will have something to grab onto to bear the melons weight… in nature there is nothing as smooth as those corkscrews, everything has bark or such for the vines to grip.

  • bowler8 1 year ago

    you can use string bags you get your fruit in or ladies bra cups or even pantyhose

  • Belle Chapelle 1 year ago

    You shouldn't touch the fruits. Avoid that as much as possible. 

  • Sugeng Riyadi 1 year ago

    nice video.