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I was wondering if anyone had a good source for buying small mesh netting for slinging my melons that i’m growing vertically. I went to my local wally world – and didn’t see anything. I have no problem ordering some from an online source – if I could find a good one. Could somebody help me find one? Thanks —————————— After so many years of growing bitter melon, I’m still learning and discovering new things about this plant. One of those things is trellising the plant. Bitter melon is an excellent climber. They require vertical trellis, either straight up or patio style that spread out overhead. However, I discover is the size of the wire or the individual stakes that makeup the trellis are far more important. Bitter melons tend to like small wire type, where they can grab on to easily with their elegant tendrils. Anything bigger will be difficult for them to hold on to. My video really demonstrates what I’m talking about. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGrowing Vertical Growing Squash Melons and Cucumbers up a nylon web trellisHow to Build A Metal Conduit Garden Trellis for Vertical Growing & Hand Made Nylon NettingGrowing Winter Squash Vertically on a Nylon String Trellis along the Backyark FenceGrowing cucumbers and cucuzzi squash on a trellisGarden Trellis for Cucumbers and MelonsTraining Squash & Cucumbers On Trellis Small Space Grow Vertical

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