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Vertical farming is the future of agriculture. Vertical farming in condominiums Related PostsShipping container house – Green roofI farm inside a used shipping containerHow A Company Fits Five Acres Of Farmland Into Shipping ContainersShipping container conversion series video 16 (how to build a DIY green roof)Shipping container conversion series video 6 (cutting green roof metal)Shipping container house green roof

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  • Tim Phelps 6 months ago

    Yeah it sounds like a good idea until you get the electric bill for the crop that can't be sold for the same cost. Seriously put some windows in those things! You are better off renting urban peoples land and growing seasonally if you are looking to make a living. If you are looking to grow food on an oil rig in the arctic you may need one of these (with windows) to reduce food costs. It is a very cool idea, I searched for it on Utube to see if it existed but it has limited uses vs cost of operation. Though land is not, sunlight is still free.

  • Stygian Doll 6 months ago

    Good try, but I don't see these being popular with anyone but already wealthy companies. These fellas want money, not a sustainable food source.

  • It sure cost a lot $75.000 for a freezer container, with lighting, heating system as well as aeroponics system.

  • KhaliWear 6 months ago

    This is a great idea! Why not start by retro fitting the current building tops with small farms? It could be city funded, creating jobs within the city also. X amount of farmers per square block or one per roof top. So Many GREEN things this world can achieve. We have only started.