meet Mike and learn about urban gardening  | dara dubinet

Beginning our journey to self empowerment. growing our food, eating the freshest, “livest” food ever! Thank…
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meet Mike and learn about urban gardening | dara dubinet

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  • sillybunnns

    @alexabreana for seeds: go to amazon, type in: Emergency Food Survival
    Seed; and it contains organic, non-hybrid, non-gmo seeds (contains
    everything from carrots, cucumbers, brussel sprouts, to watermelon…for
    every zone) = $22

  • Venicestu

    Nice video thanks, if you or your viewers want a great resource for growing
    food a must see is growingyourgreens(dot)com. John is an gardening expert &
    strict raw foodist with 500 plus videos

  • treemagnet79

    Such a great segment Dara. I am going to replace my backyard lawn and turn
    it into a garden. Just ahting the fact that im watering something just to
    look at. Instead I could have a bountiful garden.

  • mytrueserenity

    YAY! I have seen Mike before and enjoy his vids. I have a very small spce
    and have grown in pots up the outdoor staircase…my neighbors think it is
    great. 🙂

  • TheRosehillcottage

    Right on, Dara ~ you made me smile……. I love the beauty of the greens
    in my galvanized tubs. Even have discarded horse water troughs. Some have
    been with me for over 20 years. BEAUTY is of importance to me, but if you
    are on budget and can’t do a pot you like, then by all means do the 5
    gallon bucket. I also garden in two sizable gardens. Recently planted dwarf
    apple & apricot trees in mineral buckets the farmers use for cows, with
    lettuce all around the tree. LOVE ya, Lindy

  • sillybunnns

    @sillybunnns for soil: go to the dollar store or big lots and they’ll have
    the organic soil option…very cheap!

  • Joan B

    Dara and Mike I love this! This is right on time for me…I’ve been
    planning to start doing this! When the pupil is ready the teacher will


    To me this is even so much more than just lowering our costs. It is about
    really cultivating a living relationship with myself, with the earth and
    all of Life. It touches and enriches every aspect of my life. Dara, I love
    your instinct for highlighting the next best step in our journey toward
    wholeness. Truly, the joy is in the journey. :)))

  • TmakeupG

    You are effortlessly laying such a rich foundation for your own (Food
    Network) show. This channel is so well rounded, intriguing, informative,
    friendly… Great video Dara and Mike. I can’t wait to start my garden.

  • sweetanarkali

    Dara Dearest! Thank you for this cool video and great ideas! Thank you so
    much too for thinking about those of us who are living in colder climates,
    how very thoughtful! Mike is lovely, and we really look forward to learning
    more about growing greens on small spaces….thank you! Blessings

  • RubberWilbur

    I always wondered if you could have wheat grass as your lawn. Anytime you
    were hungry and wanted something healthy you could just go and pick your
    meal out of your front door.

  • bemyvforever

    Yaay at least Ive got Dara to watch while staying up super super late to
    finish off my final design for my studio piece 🙂 IM SO TIRED but Im sure
    this will defs cheer me up!

  • upyourkarma

    Thanks Mike+Dara. I am sooooooo on the GREEN TRAIN. I live in the Garden
    State!!! Growing my own juicing greens will be fun and save me a few


    Oh, we are so in sync!!! This is also something I have been researching so
    I can plant a few things this spring. Someone here also mentioned John
    Kohler. He also has a ton of videos for free on everything about organic
    gardening in small spaces and living raw vegan. I’ve been getting a lot of
    great tips.

  • Mally Torleifsdottir

    Thank you so much for this video. I am going to join you in this project;-)
    Last year I tried to grow kale but it got eaten by som other creatur than
    me;-) All I got left were one or two pieces. I live in a different clima
    than you (Denmark) but sommer time is getting near;-) Looking forward to
    the next vid. Love love Mally.

  • mombol39

    Growingyourgreens channel with John Kohler has excellent videos about
    growing your own veggies…check it out!

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