Here I attempt to grow Medjool dates and Clementines in the UK.
Mid June gardening.
Food forest permaculture.

Growing tropical plants in the UK.
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Medjool dates and Clementine seeds in the UK.

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  • Oblivion Guard

    Just planted my first grape vine (lakemont seedless) in the ground today, thought you would appreciate hearing that I referred to your videos a lot when I was researching how best to do it. Thanks for all the info and videos, hopefully I'll have some nice fruit in a couple of years.

  • Vox in Tenebris

    I would estimate that those seeds were planted around Christmas time or just before as they are about the same size as mine and at the two leaf stage. Dan, dates were the one thing that was happy on my windowsill, directly above the radiator. I was told that how you differentiate between male and female dates is by how the seed is pushed up from the compost. I have taken photos to illustrate this, but am yet to find out if that is correct. I was told that the female pushes the seed above ground, while the male appears just as the leaves from the compost. This was told to me by someone from the MIddle East. With all the plant varieties there, they will all start to feel at home in 'tropical tunnels', as it builds it will reflect their more usual habitat. There are lots of palms growing in our wind blasted, icy street, so there is hope there in the South East.
    PS Lidls have hydrangeas for sale at £6.99 on the 18th June (Thursday). I thought others might like to know given your last video. I didn't like to put it underneath myself as it could look like an advert. I do not work for LIdls in any capacity, just half live in the shops and have my finger on the pulse!

  • JerseyBob

    Love all the Videos Bruv. Keep up the good work lookin great. I haven't been fortunate as yet to have my clementine produce but when it does you can be assured I'll be propagating some for future harvests. I haven't felt this healthy in decades. Getting off of Pharmaceuticals has helped immeasurably in my cognizant response to my surroundings and the needs thereof, but also helped increase my physical and mental acuity more so than ever before. My Blood Red orange is doing well this year also. I transplanted them both into bigger Pots and gave them a good dose of fertilizer and sun so both have recovered nicely from their winter slumber. Had some great crops of peaches and pears coming but I think jealous neighbors with vindictive attributes sabotage my attempts at growing from a distance with sprays and actually throwing sticks at my stuff to break the fruit off of the trees and thwart my efforts of self subsistence. Just no one cares about anything but themselves here it truly sucks. It is all a Bankers Game Here Like Monopoly get as much paper before the end of the game so You can Buy your way out. A big Pyramid of Chicken Shits Preying on one and other. Just so they can go to Florida and Fuck the Pool Boy.. Truly sad state of Human Development. Much Love Brother! Many Fish One Love! @'Ur6

  • Nicky River Nene

    Hello, i have clementine and a Medjool date, they are about 3 years old (guess) the clementines are beautiful, dark green but not flowered yet and the Medjool date is very slow growing but doing well. I bring them inside over winter. 🙂