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Come take a look at my medical marijuana garden where I have 5 plants in the flower stage. All cannabis plants are growing in indoor grow tents. A few problems this week but nothing the plants can’t bounce back from. Please click that thumbs up button if you enjoyed this video 🙂 This gardening video is for educational and/or documentary purposes and isn’t designed to help or encourage others to imitate. Space Queen 420’s channel: ★Gardening products shown/mentioned in this video★ My ebook: 4×4 grow tent- 3×3 grow tent- California Lightworks LED grow light- Unit Farm LED grow light- Bloom Yellow Bottles- Blue Planet Nutrients- Inline fan- Duct- Humidifier- 12″ oscillating fan- 8″ oscillating fan- Soil- Coco coir- Perlite- Fabric grow pots- Plastic grow pots- SensorPush temp & humidity monitor- AcuRite temp & humidity monitor- pH Up & pH Down- pH meter- TDS meter- Camera used- Tripod- ★Gardening Education Links★ My How To Grow course!: My How To Grow ebook!: Gardening equipment I use: Gardening equipment I recommend: My website for gardening equipment: My website for gardening education: ★Social Media★ Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: If you are a business and would like to sponsor me, please email: ★Music In Video★ Intro & Outro: Major Lazer ft. MO – Lean On (Nathan Thomson & PTRAK Bootleg) Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts2.4 LB CANNABIS HARVEST! INDOOR MEDICAL MARIJUANA GROW2.4 LB CANNABIS HARVEST! INDOOR MEDICAL MARIJUANA GROWHOME GROWN CANNABIS HARVEST! – HARVESTING INDOOR MARIJUANA PLANTSCoCo Mix Indoor Weed Garden Tour | Learn How to Grow Marijuana | Cannabis Room TourWEEK 1 GROWING CANNABIS INDOORS! – GERMINATING MARIJUANA SEEDS […]

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  • Anthony Curanaj 1 year ago

    At 2st I was thinking the color wasnt r8ggt on you plants bro…. those bitches came out real fireee real gas !!

  • Nic Medalla 1 year ago

    solid set up! love the variety pack! WOW FACTORS

  • Joseph Richardson 1 year ago

    They look like something i just want to eat. Maybe put it on a sandwich. Maybe im hungry

  • Hopefully that humidifier doesn't cause bud rot.

  • toby vigil 1 year ago

    Hey Mr grow it quick question if I'm growing as organic as possible can I feed my cannabis plant nothing but molasess as nutrients, love the channel by the way

  • Sammy Russell 1 year ago

    I top early veg. But I got the turnaround. Great vid th

  • John Vandiver 1 year ago

    You do such a good job explaining. I’m reading your book getting ready for my first grow I thank you much.

  • John Johnson 1 year ago

    Great vids bud

  • Sunshine 420 1 year ago

    I start topping young and try to keep to 16 colas seems to get the best results to many colas seems not to help with yield. Great video considering trying Bloom Yellow.

  • Canada Cali Tree 1 year ago

    I top early and often. BUT that's mainly because i'm trying to fill a 6×4 flower tent from my 4×4 veg. everything looks good man!

  • Ray J 1 year ago

    I topped mine right at 6 nodes then waited till 4 nodes on each side then top again and clear the middle node. Then done.

  • Anonymous JPE 1 year ago

    Great video and editing subscribed!

  • junior gonzalez 1 year ago

    Great vid bro keep it up can you give us an equipment update on your tent and light ect? Thanks growers love

  • Twisted T 1 year ago

    Great results, thumbs up !

  • J-SUN Love 1 year ago

    great update bro!!

  • Nuno Pinto 1 year ago

    try main lining

  • Goliath Grower 1 year ago

    You have an AMAZING garden Sir! I just subbed up. Love the genetics. The topping question: I top my plants as much as possible. I wait until the first full leaves have grown. wait till there's two sets and top the third one. Let those Grow up. Skip one and top the next. LST to keep the canopy flat and strong. Sub up to my channel if ya get a chance. I have some good genetics going and a fem seed give away coming. Check it out please. THANKS!!

  • UK grow master T.H.C 1 year ago

    As always brother smashin it. .luv the intro aswell…tht sweet tooth av heard is a bainging smk ma friend. .mmmmm looooks tasty ma friend. .all em do. Tht snake venom is new to me very nice but for ppl eho want discreet small plants..defo genetically ma friend by sounds off it but..tht trinoble is a topper one off ma fav strains ur smashin hell out it with her av grew her a gd few times bro..shes phenomenal looking buddy ur doing a great job..thank for the look at em..keeeeeep it greeeeeen ma friend peace from Glasgow Scotland uk

  • Whiteys Workshop 1 year ago

    Looking great thx. for the heads up on the Moxie beans!!