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Max Yield show San Fran 2011 – Featuring all our Expo sponsors; General Hydroponics, Sunlight Supply, Lumatek, Everest Garden Supply, Humboldt Wholesale, House and Garden, SunLand, Humboldt Nutrients, T Nou, Sunshine Systems, Nutrifuield, Fox Farm, Sun Pulse Lighting, Botanicare and Sunshine Advanced at the Maximum Yield Magazine Indoor Gardening Expo in San Fransisco 2011. Maximum Yield Magazine for more info go to or to This year’s sold out Expo was a great success with exhibitors from around the world on hand to showcase the latest indoor gardening products and technologies. Vendors and the public both had an opportunity to meet, network and learn from industry experts. As well as to discover new techniques, participate in information sessions, see live demonstrations and see first hand the uniquely diversified products that will make your garden thrive. Whether you just started gardening or are an aficionado there is something for everyone at Maximum Yield’s Indoor Gardening Expo. If you missed out this year check it out next year or come to the Long Beach Indoor Gardening Expo in October 2011! Video Rating: / 5 Come listen to seminar hosted by Robert Schleicher (DiCon’s Vice President of Product Development) and learn how DiCon’s Dense Matrix LED technology is revolutionizing the indoor gardening industry. More about Kessil Light: More about Robert Schleicher: Related PostsMaximum Yield’s 2014 San Francisco Indoor Gardening ExpoMaximum Yield’s Indoor Gardening Expo Tacoma, Washington 2014Maximum Yield Indoor Gardening Expo 2012 – Best Products to Grow More, Yield MoreVLOG Maximum Yield Indoor Gardening Expo 2015 (PART 1) @ Long Beach Indoor Gardening Expo 20112013 Indoor Gardening MAXIMUM YIELD Expo, Michigan

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  • Sarah Mattz 1 year ago

    Love Eco Nutrients

  • gardenspout 1 year ago

    Special Thanks to the Rebirth Brass Band!

  • GREENBOOK PAGES COM 1 year ago

    Nice Video. We loved your event and location. Keep it up. MaxYield

  • J Cullison 1 year ago

    Didn't have a problem

  • TooTrue2 1 year ago

    What bullshit… dense matrix? pffft… like other LED don't offer various lense angles. Individual LEDs let you mix and match lense angles and light wavelengths to get the best light penetration and spectrum. Your LEDs are junk… sorry…