Maximise Your Hydroponic Fodder Production To Squeeze Every Possible Pound (or KG) Out Of The System Size That You Are Working With.

Fresh hydroponic fodder is the most nutritious horse feed, cattle feed, pig feed and general livestock feed available. Sprouted barley grass provides fodder solutions to the equestrian industry, the horse training industry and is a viable drought proofing strategy for any cattle or sheep operation.


👉 Think about it this way, in a fodder system that has 84 trays in total, to work out how many trays you would seed, you divide the available number by how many days you grow.

👉 So in a fodder system with 84 trays on a 4 day grow cycle, you would seed 21 trays. In a 5 day cycle you would seed 17 (16.8 actually). If each tray produced 80lbs of fodder at the end of the process, the 4 day cycle would produce 1680 lbs per day and the 5 day cycle only 1360 lbs per day.

👉 That is a difference of 320 lbs per day which is 116,800 over an entire year. Can you imagine how many more animals you could feed with a production increase like this?


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Maximise Hydroponic Fodder Production With 4 Day Growth

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