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A documentary film on Asia’s Cleanest Village – “Mawlynnong” also referred to as God’s Own Garden, situated in the East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya and 90kms away from Shillong, capital city of Meghalaya. This documentary is an in-dept exploration of the village, the people, their lifestyle, their uniqueness, etc which ultimately this village earning the title as the Cleanest Village in Asia in 2003. Directed by Wallambok Alexander Kharkongor and Jonmejoy tamuly…this documentary will give you an insight knowledge about Mawlynnong village and the thrill of a life’s time…. Crew members include Pritha Rajkhowa and Jenny Ng Kashuila. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsDON’T FALL OFF CLIFF Kid’s! Garden of the Gods Colorado AdventurePearl Izumi Bellinger Vest from Montezuma’s Tower, Garden of the Gods [Review]It’s My Park: Grove Hill Learning GardenQuestions about|Explaining Diabetes to Kids|Algonquin Illinois|Improve LivesBack To Eden Organic Gardening Film | How to Grow a Vegetable GardenHow to make a huge pot gardening hack you should know (vegetabales)

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  • akiraikura 1 year ago

    they look and sound like Burmese tribes…so Not really Indians…

  • Pabitra Das 1 year ago

    nice video by TU guys!!! proud of u

  • Raj Vora 1 year ago

    Beautiful documentary!! An inspiration to everyone for cleanliness!!

  • theresa42213 1 year ago

    This is such a lush and beautiful  ''Eden''.   How can people even think to litter?  There should be a law with a fine,  when going into a forest.  You  leave with the things  you came in with.  They even weave those baskets for people to use,  so why is it so difficult for tourists to follow?

  • Adi Malhotra 1 year ago

    i cannot thank the makers enough for this beautiful production!
    Kudos to the entire team :)

  • jorian hmar 1 year ago

    its really a beauty of nature

  • lychee l 1 year ago

    result of matrilineal society

  • Jayesh Garchar 1 year ago

    Most indian people will comment here wow, amazing, beauty!!!!!! Etc etc BUT THEY ARE NOT READY TO DO FOR THEIR OWN PLACE EVEN INDIA'S prime minister recently launch clean india campaign but people and some opposition parties think that it's just drama MUST VISIT GANGA RIVER WE KILLED OUR GANGA RIVER NOT ANY BODY ELSE

  • ravi tez 1 year ago

    thank you very much for uploading this…..i was so overwhelmed ………beautiful ….hope we all grown and stop littering this place…n respect locals effort to keep this place green and clean ….

  • tombraiderkafir 1 year ago

    People from all across the country must watch this and clean up their filth

  • chirag modi 1 year ago

    awsome must see

  • BAS KAR 1 year ago

    I like this place really. i am proud to be an indian. very very thanks from southern india

  • akhilnath v 1 year ago

    love it.,.,.

  • Rosemary C. Hanna 1 year ago

    This is beautiful.

  • SHOBHIT NAIR 1 year ago

    it is truly incredible india

  • Steven son 1 year ago