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Master’s Manna, Inc.’s mission is to help homeless, near homeless, low to moderate income families and individuals obtain essential needs. We do our utmost through: -Delivering basic needs (food, clothing, showers, etc.) -Providing vocational training and a supervised job-site for differently-abled individuals -Collaborating with non-profit, local, state, federal organizations to provide additional on-site services -Investing in a life To coach an individual, who can train and support a family who can then impact and improve this community. Visit us at Related PostsProfessional Science Masters at University of IdahoC&R Landscape Design, Inc.Water and Wastewater Management – Weston Solutions, Inc.Weston Solutions, Inc.Weston Solutions, Inc.Living Roofs, Inc.

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  • Nicole Cahoone 1 year ago

    aww w…looove the new video!!! im a longtime cancer warrior and they have been there when ive really needed them. i volunteer there with my son and enjoy every minute of it….it is very rewarding and makes me feel good to help the people out that really need it…i can open up to the other volunteers there and .ive found support  and have made some good lifelong friends there that are more like family to me than my own family!!