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The Master of Landscape Architecture and Planning is a two-year master of science program at Wageningen University and Research Institute. When you want to study this master’s program, what do you expect? Students and professors tell you this from their own experiences in this video. You can focus on landscape design and space planning. In Wageningen, we combine these areas. why? The new generation of landscape architects and space planners at Wageningen University and Research Institute understand the complex environmental challenges when shaping and creating the landscapes we live in. We believe that landscape is a complex social ecological system that requires a comprehensive approach to intervention. Please visit for more information. In addition, please visit this website for the new setting of graduation year for landscape architecture majors. From September 2022, the landscape architecture internship mentioned in the video will be replaced with a master of landscape engineering. You can also choose “Research and Practice”. Provide English subtitles to subscribe to WURtube:.


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