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Bud Qualk has a brand new house and with a brand new palette to paint from. Join Bud as gives a tour of his landscaping — telling of the work he has done and the work he will do in the near future. The gardening show where you learn from the masters. Bud Qualk, Purchase Area Master Gardener, has hosted Master Gardening since its inception in 2004. Paducah 2 Television is produced through the facilities and administration of West Kentucky Community and Technical College. Video Rating: / 5 Kaye gardens with old friend Dotty for a day in the Late Bloomer Garden. They plant amaryllis, pull out borage, peas, and buy a climbing rose. Please share the fun! Please subscribe! BECOME A PATRON! Order Botanical Interests seeds at her affiliate link: Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound. Sound editor, Christina Horgan. Subscribe at and download a FREE ebook “10 Steps to a Great First Garden.” “Late Bloomer” follows Kaye’s journey to grow food in her Los Angeles front yard and exists to inspire anyone to grow their own food. Kaye’s Vlog covers tourism, travel, adventure, people, gardens. Kaye shares her interests! Please share with friends and help this channel grow. Comments welcome. Thanks for all your support! – Kaye Join me on your favorite social media sites: @latebloomershow Website: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsMaster Gardeners | Kentucky Gardening | Part 2[Electro House] DJ Hydroponic X5 : Lets Get StartedShipping container house – Green roofGardening in the Shade with Sally Gregson masterOrganic Master Gardening CourseGardening Tips & Tricks : Becoming a Master Gardener

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  • samhowardvideo 8 months ago

    cool video!

  • suburban homestead 8 months ago

    The borage does make your garden look very magical.

  • Patti Hayden 8 months ago

    Yeah, can’t wait to play in your garden Kaye!

  • Chris Towerton 8 months ago

    Looks like you guys got quite a bit done… I'm guessing your arm is well on the way to recovery?

  • Darren Home Email 8 months ago

    Got a lot of work done it looks like, Dotty really knows her stuff! Beautiful rose!

  • Gilly Jaynes 8 months ago

    How lovely to have quality time with your friend in the garden. It especially helps if she is a master gardener!
    I love roses, and have lots and lots of old shrub roses – only flowering once, but with exquisite fragrant flowers. You will enjoy your new rose, I'm sure. Gilly x

  • Anngela Green 8 months ago

    Enjoyed watching the video. Thanks to you both.

  • Shane Winters 8 months ago

    Send me some borage seeds! Lol

  • Jean Mitchell 8 months ago

    What a nice help and wonderful time you and Dotty must have had in your garden, can't wait to see the rose planted and growing up you house, it will be beautiful. Bless Dotty for helping you with garden chores and ideas for changing some things around, two heads are always better than one for coming up with new ideas and goodbye to some of that volunteer borage. What a great video, looking forward to your next visitor working in the garden together….fun!!

  • Laurie Hines 8 months ago

    How nice to have a friend who's a Master Gardener! I don't know much about Borage. Other than the blooms for pollinators, what are its uses?

  • ThymeToSow 8 months ago

    What a blessing Dotty is! Every gardener needs a master gardener to come in and give advice. I have been gardening for years, but I am always open to learning new things. Thanks so much for sharing, Kaye!

  • Tracy Garns 8 months ago

    If borage is anything like comfrey, wearing gloves and sleeves is a great idea. I harvested a huge
    comfrey plant for my goats, rabbits and chickens and couldn't figure out why I had a rash on my forearms the next day. My hands are rough from farm work so they were fine.

  • Chani P 8 months ago

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Charu's little desert garden! 8 months ago

    I was wondering when you would post….thanks….loved my weekly dose.

  • Portia Holliday 8 months ago

    Fourth of July is a very pretty climber. I noticed it got 3 stars on Jackson Perkins site. I just bought a rose yesterday, Flamingo by Kordes. Kordes is an excellent brand for PA. Kordes does their roses like Earthkind in TX. They let them grow under harsh conditions and evaluate them accordingly. I planted lots of Moon & Stars Watermelon seeds I got from Rareseeds. I also planted Comfrey then after planting all of my seeds I learned the seeds need a stratification period, (30) days in the refrigerator. The package was overstuffed bc they mentioned they only have an 18% germination rate. I cut my lilac bush back. Now is the time to prune it, May. My Alfalfa is growing nicely. I am pulling my Collard greens. They made such pretty and fragrant yellow dainty flowers. I planted Cosmos in spots. They are quick to germinate, but if my nitrogen is too high they will make thick stocks and wait until October to bloom. One guy just walked by and said my garden is like a botanical garden. I appreciated the compliment:-)