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Visit for more hobby farm activities. Subscribe: The Sonoma County Master Gardeners are a dedicated, trained group of volunteers with a shared love of gardening and horticulture. Through community service and educational outreach, they provide home gardeners and community organizations with the knowledge and skills to create a healthy environment for Sonoma County. Sonoma County Master Gardeners staff an information desk in the UC Cooperative Extension office, where they answer questions, diagnose plant problems, and give assistance to home gardeners. They also work on special community horticultural and gardening projects, such as school gardens, the Demonstration Garden, the biennial garden show, Farmer’s Markets, and the county fair. Information and advice is also dispersed by Master Gardeners through workshops, library lectures and plant clinics. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsMaster Gardener Course: Eight Basic Rules of BotanyMacon County Master Gardener Plant SaleMaster Gardener Course TestimonialHow to Become a Tarrant County Master GardenerWhat are University of Maine Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Volunteers?Master Gardener Seminar – 3-8-17

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  • Cheeto Fingers 1 year ago

    Latin is a code system language used in education to help us identify things by their names. If a person who really uses latin to be able to grasp the bigger picture of botany or medicine or whatever, then it may sound or seem snobby but in fact that person may just be communicating information to someone else who understands the lingo. I know there are snobs, and intellectual snobs are rampant, but using latin in education is actually very important and helps us to be able to know there's just some things we can or cannot do with a plant simply by knowing it's latin name even if we've never heard of it before.?

  • The Abled Gardener 1 year ago

    You're doing a great job Jarred. It's a lot to learn. When I was trying to remember names in Anatomy, Terminology

  • DMC Grant 1 year ago

    I love gardening but I must say I am not that fond of taxonomy, bores me to tears.

  • HChrisH200 - Haphazard Homestead 1 year ago

    One situation where I think the scientific names are helpful is dealing with weeds. Hogweed can be so many different plants! I think every region of the country has their own collection of what's called Hogweed. And the Cress weeds all get called a bunch of names that overlap, like upland cress, winter cress, pepper cress, pepper grass, bitter cress, land cress, shepard's purse…. I love hearing all the common names for a plant; it helps me think of it like a person that has a lot of nicknames.

  • RobBobs Backyard Farming 1 year ago

    Looks like you're learning a lot Jarred & thanks for sharing..

  • Richard Shank 1 year ago

    I'm not much of a gardener, but found this rather interesting. Thank you!?

  • Courtney McFarland 1 year ago

    Thanks for sharing!! Just remember- "phyla" rhymes with "Myra", and it's tax-on-om-y not tax-om-on-y ;)?

  • Double Dog Farm 1 year ago

    Good stuff Jared?

  • sha whit 1 year ago

    Phyta, phyto. Fie-tah, fie-toe.

  • Permaculture Prepper 1 year ago

    ya baby, you are going through bio 102 right now, finishing that course now.

  • bo ter berg 1 year ago

    Heya Jared
    What I have been asking myself lately is this. Some plants seems to need more red-ish light once they start fruiting/form flowers & seed, while the leafy green grows best with blue-ish light. Also, the red light has a longer wave-length (that's why sunrise- and set are mostly orange/red, as the light must travel thru more atmosphere, and the longer the wavelength, the closer it is to straight, thus less length traveled) so, apart from length of day, or temperature, the light color might have influence too on plants behaviour ? Just a thought :o)
    Cheers !?

  • WizzleThump 1 year ago

    Do you think you're a master gardener??

  • TheEmptynester 1 year ago

    Sound like this class is very beneficial to you. It helps allot more when you know how things work.?

  • University of California Cooperative Extension - San Diego 1 year ago

    Great video you guys! In fact, all of them are!