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Watch mass animals feeding with hundreds of dogs, big cats, crocodiles and lions eating feed at farms at large scale. Subscribe To Our Channel : Our Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: For more videos and articles visit: Music: LFZ – Popsicle snapchat: imlfz instagram: imlfz Tweets by imLFZ For Any Copyright Concerns, Contact Us at . We will act upon your query immediately. Related PostsThe Future of Farming with AI: Truly Organic at ScaleWhat intensive farming means — for the animals and for the environment. (BBC Countryfile)US city adopts eco-friendly ‘vertical farming’Large Scale Aquaponics Farm (Greenhouse, 1 million pounds of food & 35000 fishes, Cold Water)A Small Scale Integrated Livestock Farm Agricultural Technology/Agricultural TveCities: Skylines Mass Transit | PART 21 | VERTICAL FARMS

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