For those who have the right space available, the brick barbecue will almost always prove to be the most suitable choice, compared to the alternatives on the market: durable, solid and with undoubted aesthetic grandeur, it will greatly enrich our garden. It can be bought, or, for the more experienced, built practically from scratch: in that case we should first choose what type of structure to give it, determine which fuel will be used (gas, wood, electricity) and carefully evaluate its position in space based on what we have at our disposal. To build a brick barbecue, we will obviously start from the basics, establishing a perimeter and digging a hole in the ground. At that point it will be essential to make a concrete base, mixing sand, water, gravel and cement. 48 hours later, once our foundations have solidified, we can proceed with the construction of the real body: we will use bricks (the fire chamber will need refractory bricks) and we will establish the space for the grill, which will only be added at the end, leaving two slits in the structure open.

brickwork barbecue

portable barbecue Obviously, not everyone will have the necessary or suitable space for a brick barbecue. In this case, a still valid alternative is the portable barbecue: small in size, easy to transport, not tied to the ground and available in many variants, such as the gas one, or with a folding grill, which allows for further transport. simple. The portable barbecue, compared to the masonry one, therefore, certainly has cons (such as the probable decrease in the space destined for the grill or charcoal), but also true that it offers us unprecedented advantages compared to it: being transportable, first of all , will be able to accompany us on our travels, as it will be enough to put it in the trunk of the car, the camper, etc.

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worn grille At the table, you know, hygiene is always the first thing! Precisely for this reason it will always be our concern to take care of the cleaning of the grill, which will inevitably tend to encrust itself with the various substances that will inevitably percolate from the delicacies intended for us and our diners. This is even more true with regard to brick barbecues, which by their very nature tend to be used more massively: it will be sufficient to arm yourself with a sponge and special detergents, to clean up all the soot, ash and various food residues. . In these cases the really important thing to keep in mind is that it is always better to proceed with cleaning as soon as possible, once the food is cooked. In this way everything will be easier, and you will avoid unpleasant accumulations of grease, oils, and more. It is also an excellent habit to take time, perhaps at the beginning of each new season, to carry out a more scrupulous and thorough cleaning.

Barbecue meat Whether you decide to build one yourself or to buy it, it is very important to consider that in a brick barbecue what really matters is not only the quality of the materials itself, but also the composition of its own elements: in addition to the grill and a good worktop, in fact, it can be extremely useful to have additional support bases (to keep the meat close at hand, for example, or the various condiments to be used during cooking) or, again, to provide for the preparation of a rotisserie , as well as installing a small sink or gas stove to match the main fire. Finally, the presence of a small raised grid above the cooking grid is very useful, to be used to keep food warm.

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