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I have known Mary for several years and her love of gardening. After attending a Mittleider gardening seminar last year and seeing the great yields, healthy plants and easy of gardening in… Video Rating: 5 / 5 Why prune and hand pollinate Eggplant? Pruning any plant properly will increase production, reduce stress on the plant, allow more air and light to get through for a healthier, disease free… Related PostsMy Garden Makeover/Artificial Grass Self Installation n InformationArtificial vertical garden installation , How to fix green vertical garden panelsGREEN ROOF CONSTRUCTION EXPLAINED | HOW TO BUILD OPTIGREEN GARDEN LAYER SYSTEM CONCEPT| INSTALLATIONGREEN ROOF CONSTRUCTION EXPLAINED | HOW TO BUILD OPTIGREEN GARDEN LAYER SYSTEM CONCEPT| INSTALLATIONFlorafelt Pro System Vertical Garden InstallationSucculent Garden One Year After Installation

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  • Over 40 and Fit 5 years ago

    Ok, did you not record the sweet potato harvest? I’ve watched every video
    from #1 to now on this playlist & the one I’ve been looking forward to was
    this big sweet potato crop from 3 slips,,,?

  • FrugalPrepper 5 years ago

    Can you share what kind of miter saw you have that will cut the 4×4’s and
    if you like it. I am saw shopping and I am not finding any that say they
    will cut a 4×4 but people say a 10 inch sliding one will or a 12 inch one
    will, but I don’t want to drop a bunch of cash and find out it won’t do it.?

  • Alberta Urban Garden Simple Organic and Sustainable 5 years ago

    I love the design of those supports! Well done my friend!?

  • J&J Acres 5 years ago

    *It looks great*. I am sure she’ll have peas-a-plenty very soon. ?

  • Robert McBride 5 years ago

    Got a source for the baler twine in a neutral color? My wife hates the
    unnatural color.?

  • RRobi31729 5 years ago

    looks good.?

  • mcdsdaddy 5 years ago

    Looks great David!!
    I’d like to do that too once things thaw out here!!!?

  • Beeper Man 5 years ago

    Very well done! Like the stone edging.?

  • hellotwinkie 5 years ago

    Curious, have you ever used 10ft tall 4×4 before? I want the extra height,
    but I worry about the whole structure being top heavy, of course. Thanks in

  • sha whit 5 years ago

    You are a good man David. You really blessed Mary.?

  • dev1lsadv0cate 5 years ago

    Do you concrete the T frames in??

  • tlonghorn19 5 years ago

    Hey LDS I have a quick question. The 2×4 top center brace between the
    T-post, does the wire run on top, underneath , or through the 2×4. The
    video doesn’t really show. I plan on making a few beds this week.?

  • jo232409 5 years ago

    It looks like your t-frame is untreated wood, is that correct? No worries
    about long term longevity?

    Thanks for another great video!?

  • bihbgm 5 years ago

    Thank you for helping all of us with your videos. I have tried a lot of
    your suggestions and I am learning from you. Did you concrete the posts in
    the ground??

  • Wing Walker 5 years ago

    Do you keep the soil away from the 4 X 4’s? How long will the wood last
    before it rots in the soil? ?

  • hellotwinkie 5 years ago

    Thank you so much for posting this video! Do you any tips to setting each
    T-frame? How do you make sure the tops of the T-frames are at the same
    level or is it not that important??

  • FrugalPrepper 5 years ago

    How many plants could an eggplant plant if an eggplant plant could plant

  • Ranit Das 5 years ago

    Pruning decreases fruit production because leaves are essential for
    photosynthesis which will produce more fruit, if leaves are cut then the
    process becomes slow?

  • maybeeme 5 years ago

    I love learning new garden techniques. Thank you!?

  • nery colon 1 5 years ago

    I feel happy because it’s my first time that I’m going to harvest 2
    eggplant. The only thing is that I don’t know when to harvest it. lol I
    have to find out. Great video, ?

  • Over 40 and Fit 5 years ago

    When you’re hand pollinating, where do you get the pollen that is on the
    cotton swab? Thank you.?

  • vicentemoretti8 5 years ago

    Does anyone know how to get, as he says, “two, three, four stalks” so close
    to the ground? Mine just grow one and don’t even sucker until two feet
    tall. Yes, they’re getting plenty of sun. Thanks.?

  • Aelanna64 5 years ago

    I have two Black Beauty eggplants I’ve been growing on my sunroom. I didn’t
    know to prune them, so I didn’t, but I’ve been hand pollinating them for
    months to no avail. They just keep making flowers that fall off the plant,
    no fruits. What can I do? Will pruning them make them set fruit??

  • MegaKbyrne 5 years ago

    I grew eggplants and did not prune. They produced flowers that fell off the
    plant without produceing any fruits. What went wrong? Do you know??

  • clinicalthinker 5 years ago

    Great information thank you :)?

  • conspi racytheory 5 years ago

    Another great video, thanks!?

  • GhoulishCop 5 years ago

    I heard you mention this video in your last garden update and I thought I
    somehow missed it. I searched through all your videos and couldn’t find it.
    Thanks for posting it!?

  • ads92557 5 years ago

    How did you attach your PVC pipe to the wood to make your roof??

  • OdinPowers 5 years ago

    what about white flies ?! … the reason I don’t prune is white flies,
    fewer leaves and the WF will suck the sap out of them?

  • pilotmattk 5 years ago

    Those are some reay nice looking plants! What do you use for pest control?
    The flea beetles attack mine; neem and soap don’t seem to help much.?

  • LDSPrepper 5 years ago
  • Jim S 5 years ago

    Good stuff, Thanks for sharing.?

  • naplescajun 5 years ago

    Fantastic information! Thank you.?

  • my2cents0 5 years ago

    Thanks for these how to do lesson’s.?

  • Josh Butcher 5 years ago

    Hottest pepper in the world!

  • Elida Ramirez 5 years ago

    Loved your gardening tips