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Why is the performance of students and teachers so unaffected by technology? Moreover, what should be done to extract genuine benefit for education from the technology revolution? This video takes up those questions and makes a case that integrated use of technology at all levels of the educational system can greatly expand collaborative learning opportunities by giving all educational stakeholders powerful problem solving tools and solutions. Also see: The Learning Edge – What Technology Can Do to Educate All Children (2012) by Alan Bain and Mark Weston, Teachers College Press. Panel Discussion on how Solutions to Global Food Policy ‘Wicked Problems’ Start in Your Own Backyard. Panelists are Dr. Weston Dripps, Dr Phillip Otienoburu, and Dee Phillips. Moderated by Dr. Kelly Brownell. Related PostsNew Kids on the Block, 50 cent and Mark Wahlberg @ Madison Square GardenMark Jackson: A personal story about farming and the future of agriculture6 Plant-Based Solutions to Prevent Blood Clotting | Dr. WestonWeston Fort Lauderdale Food Truck Trailer Wrap Big Ragu Italian Kitchen | Car Wrap SolutionsCeviche Arigato Weston Superb Five Star Review by Rob G.Popular Videos – Weston A. Price Foundation

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  • Giacomo Bono 11 months ago

    I love this. What ages/grades do you target? The reason I ask is two-fold. This helpful in my college teaching for creating more active/engaged learning with my own students using technology. But I'm also wondering what I can expect with my own kids and the kinds of learning they'll be using soon.