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in this video we review the hydroponic system in the image and add some plants to it so you can see how bad it really is. everyone thinks this is the best garden image ever- but no “The Grow Book and Equipment Guide” can be purchased at our website @ The Hydro Store 726 W Sunset Rd Henderson, NV 89011 Find us on Facebook: Find Us On Twitter: Find Us On Amazon: Find Us @ Find Us @ Find Us @ Garden Science Road Show Magazine @ Advertise In My Books “The Grow Book & Equipment Guide” (find it on Amazon @ ) answers all the questions customers always ask in this ball busting, easy-to-read, fully illustrated, manufacturer sponsored, comprehensive growing & equipment guide book. This is also the only book that explains how to use all the equipment you see in the stores. This 160 page book covers everything… * Cloning * 24-Week Garden Tracker Journal * Rotations * Examples garden pictures * Plant Shapes * Equipment explanations * Soil vs. Hydro * Digital Ballasts * Light Selection * Flowering Tips and tricks * Problem solving * Finishing, Trimming, and Drying * Mixing nutrients * The Grow Boss “Grow Diamond” and way more! The Grow Book & Equipment Guide comes with an unconditional money back guarantee. just bring it back to my store and tell why you didn’t like it. For questions, comments, or to brag about your monster grow… I look forward to hearing from you! Please Subscribe, Comment, Share, Like, and Start Perfecting Your Marijuana Grow Operation Now! House Dutch Master | Bcuzz | Atami | Black label | Cutting edge | Growilla | Vital earth | Mother plant | Foxfarm | Greengro | PowerBox | CAP […]

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    The floating gardens of Burma and the Chinampa floating or island garden-farming systems are impossible to fail, applying some aspects of the Wroclow hydroponics system invented during the Cold War in Poland can make them even more effectively economically viable and immensely profitable for the farming business. The system featured in the video is too unnecessarily complex and sophisticated.