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In this video, Canada Cali Tree host his weekly grow update where he is indoor gardening plants. Marijuana flowering and vegetative stage. Video Submitted By: ►Products shown/mentioned in this video: LED grow light- HID grow light- 4×4 grow tent- Flood and drain tray- Shopvac- Duct- Oscillating fan- Box fan- Canna coco A&B- CalMag- Rapidstart- Coco coir- Hydrocorn- Perlite- Air grow pots- Fabric grow pots- Plastic grow pots- SCROG net- Measuring container- Syringes- pH pen- Temperature and humidity monitor- ►Get seeds: Seeds from top reliable seed banks! HUGE variety and good deals! ►Grow Equipment: The BEST tools and equipment for growing! Recommended equipment list: ► Learn How To Grow! Beginner ebook!: Advanced ebook!: Website: ►Follow us @BestHomeGrow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Just Grow It is a Community Channel. Viewers submit videos and the best videos get featured. SUBMISSION: If you want to submit a video to this YouTube channel, simply fill in the SUBMIT form located on our website at: If you are a business and would like to sponsor us or for us to endorse your product, please email: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsCARING FOR YOUNG MARIJUANA PLANTS IN VEGETATION STAGE! – INDOOR GARDENINGMEDICAL MARIJUANA INDOOR GARDENING! – GROW UPDATE ON 4 WEED PLANTSCANNABIS PLANTS IN FLOWER – INDOOR GARDENING GROW VLOG UPDATEFLOWERING CANNABIS TIME LAPSE! – INDOOR GARDENINGTIPS AND TRICKS FOR GROWING CANNABIS! – INDOOR GARDENINGINDOOR GARDENING CANNABIS PLANTS – SOIL VS COCO COIR – HARVESTING MARIJUANA

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  • mo green Stinson 6 months ago

    Nice work on the grow let's get it

  • Elijah Bruce 6 months ago

    fuck yaw for metal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kimberly Tooley 6 months ago

    thanks was thinking about setting up hydo continuous water flow just thinking of something different from what i other then my soil.

  • Gold Diamond 6 months ago

    Girls bro girls

  • Kimberly Tooley 6 months ago

    sorry meant your cool fast easy water tabel

  • Kimberly Tooley 6 months ago

    love your set up totally just need to know how often do you water them sweet lovely ladies ???

  • Mean Grow Green 6 months ago

    Excellent, thorough video. I learn a lot from them..#firsttimegrower

  • Jack Mehoff 6 months ago

    I love how far you keep your lights from the canopy. You know more about light then most people i see. Great work.

  • im not turning my fan off, fuck that, classic, hahaha

  • Robert Gergely 6 months ago

    i’ve seen this video before. maybe a week or 2 ago

  • Dwight Campbell 6 months ago

    That’s really cool setup

  • Anthony T 6 months ago

    What's good bro garden looking good

  • FrostyShark420 6 months ago

    Fucking ghetto fan lol

  • TheDjoli4 6 months ago

    You should smoke even more when u make a video. This is the best video since I've been watching

  • Ganja Hawk 6 months ago

    Cheers Mate, looking lovely. Growers Love