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Week 15 she is almost all trichs cloud, no amber yet. However I took a few sample last week and I end up Harvesting all the small branches, it was that good. She is cover in crystals I will start the FLUSH today Expeting to harvest her Next Week if the amber are at least 35% – 45% no less than that. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGrowing Weed with a Hydro System – Weeks 8-11, Flowering and TrimmingTime Lapse of Bhut Assam in DIY low pressure aeroponics systemLow Pressure Aeroponics System Pt 1Low pressure aeroponics system 2017 – Final updateHigh Pressure Aeroponics System Components ExplainedDIY High pressure Aeroponics system grow tower fully functioning.

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  • Shingo Yabuki 3 years ago

    it's beautiful!

  • FoodOfTheGods 3 years ago

    Sorry mate but those buds don't look good at all, pretty unhealthy. Might be the strain but I doubt it. Anyway, keep it up, try to improve wherever you can.

  • what kind of nutrients do you use?
    how often do you change the water? once a week? twice a week?
    how the ph and ec holding up during?

  • Uomo_Nel_Mirino 3 years ago


  • uju juj 3 years ago

    fingers never touch unless need k ruin the potency