Added by on 2017-06-18 The start of the Spring sowing bonanza, March heralds warmer weather, longer days and its time to start the hardiest veg outside and to be sowing tender veg into modules for transplanting as the weather warms. Mark Abbott-Compton Ten Minute Gardener Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsElementary School Garden “Why Teaching Kids To Gardening Is So Important” March 11,INDOOR GARDENING: Things you NEED to have to START your OWN INDOOR GARDEN.Horticulture TIps for MarchThings in A Garden | Kids Learning VideosMike Knop hydroponic gardening update March 9, 2015DIY Impatien Vertical Wall Garden | March 30, 2014

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  • MrBarrytone 1 year ago

    Thanks for the info, Mark ~ Very much appreciate it!


  • LearnHowToGarden 1 year ago

    The problem with most parsnips in pots is that the tap root is incredibly fine and goes very deep very very quickly and if you break that tap root it does not regrow your parsnips just fork. Therefore I would be reticent about doing it. If you have got really stony or hard soil another option is to make hole with a bar, fill with potting compost and then station sow as I did in the film on parsnips.


  • LearnHowToGarden 1 year ago

    Thanks, look out for April's Things to Do which will be posted shortly!

  • moonpig88 1 year ago

    Very informative wish my broad beans looked like that the mouse got mine

  • MrBarrytone 1 year ago

    Another great and very informative episode! Much appreciate your postings! 🙂

    By the way, just wondering if it's possible to start parsnips off in empty loo rolls or coir pots? …would it not make any difference seeing as they're goint to be in the ground for so long anyway? Just thought I'd ask! lol

  • groovesme 1 year ago

    You might want to mention your information is more for Brits as far as product and planting times go. I think some of it would be useful for North East Americans as well, but we are a global village now and I'm watching from Arizona your March schedule is more or less our late fall time. Cheers