In our quest to steer our easy DIY hydroponic adventure to a more natural state, we will construct an off grid hydroponic (otherwise known as the Kratky method) grow box out of marble. See how it is made. If you do not know how to use power tools, ask a professional. Always use protective eyewear and always use the safety guards that come with the equipment.

Food Grade sealant:
Aquatica seeds (Kangkong, water spinach) :
6 hole hydroponic grow box:

EBook shows how to do this and many other exciting projects:…

Masterblend Tomato & Vegetable Fertilizer COMBO Kit 2.5lbs or
The Hydroponic 5″ x 5″ grow pad :
A better buy if you do not mind cutting down the sheets or if you wish to do a larger container is the 10″ x 20″ pack of 10 :
Setup seen in my other video:
5 gallon net cup lid :
Complete setup with air pump:

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Marble. Will it Kratky? ? Easy DIY Hydroponics

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  • Jerry Jean

    Yo you are like my hero! You have given me so many ideas for me to practice on and get good at. I'm planning on taking some of these ideas with me when I buy my land in Haiti. I love your videos. Keep up the good work. You're probably going to be the reason that a lot of people will be able to survive the storm that's coming. Well, maybe not you in particular but the collective community that's making these kids of videos. Thanks again for a very informative and entertaining video

  • puerto58

    OK. But what about the kale in the basil? They're considered herbs and leafy green and they still die. Should I just change the solutions every two week? That can get expensive and wasteful?

  • martysgarden

    Some friends from the states have been telling me about the heat over there. Super cool to see that all can learn, implement and partake,,you sure will have a lot of fun running all these experiments. That marble would keep much cooler in the hot months,,maybe warmer in the winter too,,
    Lots of love from Australia
    Marty Ware

  • Betty Spencer

    WOW, Mike! I really like the way you think! Especially when it comes to trying to show others different ways of doing things. In fact, I am having a dilemma right now with lighting. I live in a very small apartment that literally gets no sun. If you have already done a video on a DIY 3 or 4 tier shelf with lighting on each shelf inexpensively, please send me the link. If not, I hope it's somewhere on your summer list of experiences! Thanks for all you do.

  • Matt Garver

    Videos rock as usual Mike, I especially like the idea of categorizing grows to fit the perceptions of others. The standard plastics, food grade plastics, and natural materials containers were good thoughts in doing that. Should be a little something for everyone. Paint on the outside of glass is a great idea. I have seen 100% glass containers with no glue or sealant in stores. Walmart has a 2-gallon all glass goldfish bowl that would work with a large head of lettuce. Amazon has the 5-gallon glass carboy bottles too. Soft glass 6mm tubing can be heated and bent into a siphon tube that essentially combines the volume of two different glass containers to double the amount of nutrient available.

  • David Edlund

    People that complain about using plastics forget that city water flows through tons of plastic. Most houses are plumbed with plastic of some kind. Loved the video – keep up the good work!

  • Art 'tis Fun by Keely M. VanDuzee

    That was a cool video. Teachie should have her own Chihuahua accessories and clothing line shop…lol. Great idea using the white marble tiles. Can't wait to see the results if productive and manageable as the gutters.