Man brings pizza to teen’s house, meets Chris Hansen instead

A Boston man drives two and a half hours to Connecticut to bring pizza to a 13-year-old girl, and meets Chris Hansen instead.
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James Burns is voluntarily spending 30 days in solitary confinement. Learn more at

America’s relationship with its mentally ill population continues to suffer as a result of inadequacies in the country’s mental health care system.

For the mentally ill in Chicago, the effects of this inadequacy are felt on a magnified scale, as budget cuts and a lack of community-based mental health resources have left these individuals with minimal support. More often than not, this means being repeatedly swept up into the criminal justice system for low-level, non-violent crimes

VICE News takes an immersive look at this issue by going inside the Cook County Jail and speaking with community members on Chicago’s south side.

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Man brings pizza to teen’s house, meets Chris Hansen instead

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  • SundanceKid

    i came just to see chris ask for some pizza. lmao. this nigga always tryna eat n drink up whatever they got on these things.

  • nadz yea

    i think this is all fake, i mean what dating or chat sites do older men actually think a 13 year old girl would wanna have sex with a 40 plus year old man, this is about as fake as the craft that just landed on mars

  • Bryan Williams

    "In his car, the cops find a sex enhancement pill. The kind you call a doctor if it's working after 4 hours". Chris is just as creepy.

  • Gerry Wayne

    I work in the mental health sector in Sydney, Australia. Patients (known as 'clients) are very well supported in group homes throughout the city. generally well staffed with staff receive comprehensive traning and are generally well-paid., As a result most patients dont end up back in jail or hospital, as they had been the situation in the past decades. So the way to deal with this issue is SPEND THE BLOODY MONEY ON SERVICES IN THE COMMUNITY BEFORE THESE VULNERABLE PEOPLE END UP BACK IN JAIL OR HOSPITAL!!!

  • Senorita Aurora

    I really understand the guy he says he feels angry when he sees others doing better than him. Life is by nature unfair and some people are dealt a really brutal hand whilst others coast by. It can breed a lot of resentment. But life brings us all struggles in different ways. Can only surrender to it and keep going.

  • Chris Fisher

    This is what happens when you f**** idiots out there elect Democrats to run your cities. Is it any wonder that 9 out of the 10 worst s***** cities in the United States today are completely democrat-run. They want the inner cities just like they liked their plantations broke down, dilapidated, no Hope, High violence, and the continuing support of the black folks while they're being raped by the Democrats. I can't believe that the Democrats have been able to con the African-American Community for so long and there are still blind idiots out there supporting them. Keep shooting your kids and sending them to the streets because the Democrats love it.

  • PenguinBadger TurkeyBear

    Ahhhh West Care was featured on "Louis Theroux: City addicted to Crystal Meth". Another good documentary if you get the chance! By the way Vice, keep up the good work!

  • tina whittner

    You know it's ironic having been in a jail more times than I'd like to admit you would think I would have compassion, and yet I catch myself looking down upon these people at first glance . UNTIL I hear them speak and then everything changes ..i hardly ever sympathetic towards Humans but listening to him truly humbled me to tears… I just can't believe how Superficial & judgemental I can still be at times …until reality hits and cuts deep inside the pain and empathy I deny possessing, because I've been indoctrinated to believe it's a sign of weakness . .our egos and vanity is the enemy within and it's moments that you cast aside your pride and open up and share your fears and emotions, is the moment that you're vournablity empowers you & makes you stronger…much respect to him for making it real for me..

  • Malamuerte Sanctuary

    So called medication destroys you utterly, mentally and physically. Once they put you on pills you'll be hooked for life and if you try to recover your freedom you will fall so hard you will never be the same again. This is clearly the symptoms of drug withdrawal but them evil monsters will call it "relapse" , tho you had never been so mad and ill. This is catch 22. So called doctors make a lot of money for ruining lifes and big pharma is big business. Patients get practically zero or totally zero for serving as rat labs and giving jobs to countless motherfuckers when in most cases what they really need is love and warmth. I know cause I'm one. My life has been totally ruined for good. Beware shrinks, beware the evil drug dealers that they truly are, their drugs will fry your brain and your nervous system just like that poor lad who got 15years for breaking into the house looking for his "meds". This is the real truth about psychiatric care. Mind my words and be very careful. And… good luck, family.

  • Riot and White Bear the Service Dog

    To me it depends on what someone is in for. I definitely believe that incarceration without reformation is pointless. Why stick someone in time-out with a bunch of like minded people who are just going to consolidate their own wrong thoughts with one another without explaining to them why it's wrong and mentally repurposing all that negativity? It's pointless. But I have trouble feeling empathy for violent sex offenders, physical abusers, and serial killers and rapists. Reformation can only go so far before a violent offender if put on parol, let out, and then have them just reoffend. Resulting in the death of an innocent and uninvolved person. An assault.

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