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The Hydroponic Fodder as an alternative to conventional method of green fodder production, hydroponics technology is coming up to grow fodder for farm animals. Green fodders produced by growing seeds without soil but in water or nutrients rich solutions are known as hydroponics green fodder. Compared to conventional methods of growing fodder, hydroponic fodder requires lesser space and produces highly nutritious fodder than soil farming. The Hydroponic Fodder Growing System in simple way we can say that it consists of a framework of shelves on which plastic trays are stacked. After soaking overnight, a layer of seeds is spread over the base of the trays. During the growing period, the seeds are kept moist, but not saturated. They are supplied with moisture usually via spray irrigation. Holes in the trays facilitate drainage of excess water. The seeds will usually sprout within 8 to 12 hours after soaking and in 7 days have produced a 8 to 10 inch high grass mat. Hydroponic fodder is much more easily digestible, full of nutrients and enzymes that the energy spent on this digestion process would be far less with the resultant extra energy being diverted to milk production and growth. Need of Hydroponic Technology in Green Fodder Production Hydroponics technology is required to overcome the following constraints for the production of quality green fodder. In case of small land holdings. & non-availability of fertile lands for green fodder cultivation. When the irrigation/water facility, fencing, land preparations resources /labour are limited. In mining and coastal belt areas where it has limited area for growing green fodder dairy industry. In areas, where destruction of fodder is caused by stray cattle’s and other wild animals. In regions, where dairy farmers spend higher cost for labour for green fodder cultivation. In regions, where demand of green fodder […]

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  • Abdullah Phulpoto 6 months ago

    sir have you some idea that one kg of corn seed give who much green fodder

  • Aqeel Abbas 6 months ago


  • deepak Mule 6 months ago

    Good system

  • 61riaz 6 months ago

    Very poor stuff used for this job

  • Amrik Singh anand 6 months ago

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  • Kuldip Kaur Kalsi 6 months ago

    Good very good

  • Bip in 6 months ago

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  • say wok 6 months ago

    How to get of seeds

  • muhammad kamran 6 months ago

    how much kg of seed required lets say wheat, per square feet space? and is their any requirement of fertilizer or something else.

  • pallab rahman 6 months ago

    Can you give your mobile number please

  • M mangla 6 months ago

    Thank you for the information

  • Muhammad Rizwan 6 months ago

    I can help you more to get all system automatic

  • Dinesh Lamichhane 6 months ago

    I tried to grow wheatgrass hydroponically but I found the height of the wheatgrass is not so long. Is the wheatgrass grown hydroponically shorter in comparison to the wheatgrass grown with soil?

  • Jagar 6 months ago

    I have a hydroponic system using 5 kgs of corn seed every day and they are growing good and the cows likes it very much and are giving more milk than earlier., I have made system to spray water mist on the seed through timer to spray water for 1 minute after every 3 hours ; now I am facing problem with black flies ( Gnat flies ) can you suggest any organic way to keep the black flies away.

  • Muhammad Hassan 6 months ago

    What is benefits of this and is it batter then feed wanda

  • Syed Sulaiman 6 months ago

    What s about the temperature

  • Ahmad my 6 months ago

    Masha Allah Good Job

  • Syed Ahamed 6 months ago

    Are need any other Feed to cows apart from this feed? plz share me your number so that i can discuses about this looking for your advice. 9980168066
    Thanks and Regards

  • Ananth Reddy 6 months ago

    Superb idea

  • Wadera Wadera 6 months ago

    Good job