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I made a cross planter for Tractus Art & Gallery. I used Cedar and Guanacaste rot resistant and beautiful woods. Like, comment, share and subscribe to my channel for more videos! Thanks for watching! Find Tractus here: Page design: Barbara MT (my lovely wife) Related Posts25 Easy DIY Plans and Ideas for Making a Wood Pallet PlanterMaking Succulent Vertical Living WallDIY | Vertical Succulent Garden Making | Nifty | 1 Min CraftDIY | Vertical Succulent Garden Making | Nifty | 1 Min CraftHow to Build a Vertical Herb Garden PlanterHow to Build a Vertical Herb Planter

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  • Wacky Wood Works 8 months ago

    I best not show the other half this or she will want one…  opps hi honey look what found was gonna make it for you…  :o)

  • AdventuresInDIY 8 months ago

    Nice looking planter Andrea!  The plants look really good with the cedar.

  • Fire Crow's Workshop 8 months ago

    Hey, dude, on your logo it still says 2014!!! Cool idea though! My plants always die on me… Not enough water, too much water… Meh… I even killed a cactus… Not intentionally of course

  • Peter Brown 8 months ago

    Very original Andrea! Thanks for the video!

  • Mike Waldt 8 months ago

    Excellent project, the planter looks great Andrea.

  • Scrap wood City 8 months ago

    Cool planter, I liked those miter cuts and the mini plane you used for rounding over the corners!

  • ItSeemsDark 8 months ago

    if you grow garlic in it, is like the best anti vampires thing ever !!!
    nice project 🙂

  • Barrett Hageman 8 months ago

    Simply amazing.

  • Darbin Orvar 8 months ago

    Really nice Andrea. Makes me want to start building planters!

  • Ted Alexander 8 months ago

    Man that came out great!

  • Ron Sanford 8 months ago

    Andrea your videos are amazing i love your channel as it shows what one man and a vision can do well one man and his beautiful very supportive wife i mean :-),all the best to you and Barbara

  • Michael Olson 8 months ago

    I like the wire mesh on the front.  Great idea.

  • Omarateastwind 8 months ago

    I really like your videos and projects, Andrea…thank you for sharing with the world!  If I were wealthy, I would send you an air compressor and nail gun right now!

  • Chuck P 8 months ago

    +Andrea Arzensek Andrea, You are the best! 🙂  Another great project.  Ugodan dan.  Very rustic and nice to look at.