Making it as  international development & humanitarian aid professional | Stephen Ladek | TEDxUWCCR

Stephen speaks about recent changes in the nonprofit sector, and how we can work to provide better humanitarian aid.

Stephen Ladek is an international development and humanitarian aid expert, social entrepreneur and performance specialist. His spends much of his time working with, an online community focused on improving the delivery of assistance to those in need, where he hosts the Terms of Reference Podcast and International Solutions Group.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Making it as international development & humanitarian aid professional | Stephen Ladek | TEDxUWCCR

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  • Debora Rietveld

    1. Get educated, everyone is very smart. 3 skills:

    a. Data analysis, graphs and also understand the spin behind it.

    b. Being a good writer, to get your idea across

    c. Languages that are spoken in the countries

    2. Field experience, and look behind the scenes also

    3. Bring something valuable new to the table

    4. Be able to build community, build relationships en network. You have to put yourself out there, it can be uncomfortable.

    5. Remain passionate & persistent, you need to know what the problem is you want to help to solve. You need to have certain values and goals.

    6. Always be humble, everyone wants to change the world. But it is about serving others, make sure you are really helping them.

    7. There is no one path into development and aid, there are many paths. You don’t need to have a specific degree ect. You just need to take a risk.

  • Kamara E.

    This is the only development talk that has given me any sort of hope in the past two years. Excited to begin my career!

  • Conor Lydon

    i've a BA in Goverance and an MA in Peace and development and a 3 month internship in a foriegn aid NGO. ….Im gonna tell ya guys , i cant fault what this guy says i didnt want to believe it but hes right

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