I’m making a super sturdy, easy, inexpensive trellis from a cattle panel for a small garden space and planting cucumbers to grow vertically on the trellis. Let me know if you try it too!

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Making a Super Sturdy, Easy, Inexpensive Trellis to Maximize Garden Space & Planting Cucumbers

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  • CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY

    What types of trellises are you using in your garden?
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    Thanks for watching!

  • TexPR1

    Hello! Nice video. I have been using cattle panels for a trellis for several years now. I can trellis my tomatoes and several other vegetables. I have a question regarding the wire you laid alone the garden bed. Is that copper wire?

  • Pentalinda

    Love this video: easy to see what you are doing, hear what you are saying, and full of good information and gardening inspiration. Thanks for what you do!

  • Maggie Reimer

    Love the look of that cattle panel! Do you think that might work to get the longer branches of our raspberry bushes up vertically? They’re planted in front of a fence, so I’m wondering if the cattle panel would go right up to the fence or if I’d need to leave some room between the two. Thank you!

  • wi54725

    If you put metal like that in direct sun in a very hot climate, will the metal heat up enough to harm the vegetation? We used to stake to our chain-length fence, but the crops tended to burn when the metal heated up on 90+ degree days, and we have about 100 of them per year, and about 10 days of 100-105. We have been using bamboo poles and heavy-duty string to encapsulate our veggies, and it works okay without heating up, but it is a lot of work and re-work.

    As a former radio and tv reporter/announcer, my opinion is that your Q rating is near the perfect score, and it is a major miscarriage of justice that you have not been picked up to do home gardening on either HGTV or PBS. You are more enjoyable to watch then any of the garden shows on TV, and your voice and diction are basically perfect.

  • Nicki _in_CO

    Love how your garden is always pretty, practical, and functional. If I ever become a good gardener I'll need to pick up one of those panels, I'm getting better thanks to you! Harvested a bunch of lettuce this morning for my lunch salads and it feels great!

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