Here is a slideshow of the grass roof on the log cabin playhouse.

Traditionally, birch bark would be used as the roof covering, the grass or sod was initially just to prevent the bark blowing away. However the grass provided heat insulation as well.

Living in Ireland, access to good quality, large sheets of birch bark is pretty much impossible. Thus the use of roofing mineral felt.

Thanks for watching.

Making a simple green or grass roof on log cabin playhouse

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  • AntiRellik

    I like this idea! What exactly is the black thing covering the wood under the rocks and grass? And does it grow allright? Thanks!

  • luxuryloghomes

    Turf roof! Grass roofs are the simplest option and do not even require mowing – unless you hanker after a bowling green finish! Very eco-friendly.

  • Random Film...


    It's been a particularly rainy summer and winter here in Ireland, and it's always wet here lol !

    The roof has remained bone dry, absolutely 100% . The run off appears to be minimised by the grass soaking up the majority. We just drilled some large holes as per the video, and put loads of pebbles at the base of the bottom support, It runs of quite nicely.

    Glad you like it, and this was a real cheap option!!!

  • Paul Pellicci

    Liked your video. I have a cabin in the woods with a roof problem…Racoons on top getting in, etc. I want to put a grass roof on it and have been looking on options. Most are very expensive, but your idea opens up a better option. How is it working and what do you do with the runoff….?

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