Making a Garden Gate

Scrap Wood Challenge:
I have been asked to build a new gate for the Master Gardener garden at the Jenkins Estate in Western Oregon. I have built the gate out of cedar. The frame for the gate is 2×6 cedar pieces and the infield panels are 1×6 cedar pieces. I cut the joinery between the pieces of the frame with the PantoRouter. I have cut a round window into the infill pieces on the upper portion of the gate. I also made two diagonal support struts for the gate to help hold its weight and keep the joints from failing as they did in the original gate that is being replaced. I also made a curved handle to go on these support struts so the handle and the structure are one piece

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Cantilever Clamps:

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Making a Garden Gate

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  • 3dmazter

    cross brace always goes from hinge-side bottom to topside latch-side
    This is becouse the door wants to sag on the latch side and the cross brace makes a triangle keeping the top rail horizontal.

  • Michael Munro

    I have been viewing your videos since just prior the construction of your present wood shop. Like yourself, I have the same kind of interest in older woodworking equipment. My shop is less than a fourth the size of yours so I envy your setup. Recently I built a CNC router and now in the process of setting up the software and wiring. I am a draftsman/carpenter contractor/now retired, so this CNC thing is all new to me. Never too old to learn. Keep up the good work Frank. You are quite an asset to the design build world.

  • Сергей Назаров

    This is a great project. One problem bothers me. The door frame does not have a place for seasonal resizing of boards. What if she breaks?

  • Nathan James

    I do the same thing, and worry that I am going to build something that won't fit in that thing I just measured no matter how much I measure. Making a template helps insure I make it right and I don't worry as much. I didn't recognize Calvin, he has gotten so big. I am still waiting for the part 2 of his train table.

  • Paul

    The cross piece in my opinion ruined an otherwise beautiful gate. It blocked one of the windows and as you show in the video, you didn’t even use the handle when you opened it

  • Lex Boegen

    I subscribed to your channel back when Calvin was just a little kid. It's a shock to see him all grown up now. Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

  • Jay Oliver

    I like the overall design, but….
    Why not use either a tongue & groove or a shiplap joint for the paneling in the center of the door? We could already see some warpage near the cutouts.
    Just wondering, your builds are normally so over-engineered and well thought out, this had me shaking my head a little.

  • Dave Tucker

    Damnit! Every time Frank! I lay down in bed to watch some tube and click your video, and Bam! I'm asleep like that. You ever thought of audio recording children's books- I'd pay!

  • Nissim Whba

    Bravo, Frank.
    I admire you for the way you tackle projects, figuring it bit by bit and being so humble in the process !
    My two cents about the hinges; from what I understand, the middle hinge should be locted closer to the upper one and not in the middle.

  • Bobo Kesen

    How many here, like me, doesn't have any of the tools or skills that Frank has – But still likes to watch his videos for the entertainment value? 😀