Making a stand for 18 Pockets Vertical Wall Garden Planter

MEDIUM SIZE: 19.7″ X 39.4″ (50 cm x 100 cm), Built Well Enough For Growing Season, Can Match Several Planters Together For Covering Large Wall Areas And Move Randomly.
EASILY FIXED: Can be Easily Attach To a Fence by Zip Ties and mounted on a wall using nails with a larger heads. Or You are mounting to a wall with screws you should get washers to keep the heads of the screws from slipping through the grommets. And It is able to remove it easily.
ECO FRIENDLY MATERIAL: felt material, Holds moisture good and allows drainage and can breathe. Resistant, Eco Friendly and Non Toxic.
GROWING CONDITIONS: Water Retaining Felt Material Creates Perfect Soil Condition, Use For Indoor/Outdoor

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Making a free standing Vertical Wall Garden Planter for Strawberries

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  • Uzziah עֻזִּיָּהוּ, עֻזִּיָּה

    Did you have a good fruit set in those small bags? And how did the berries taste?

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