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Making living wall for my own house on New Years eve, Check out all the list of the plants I used below. Autumn Ferns Dryopteris Asplenium Heuchera Lysimachia Aurea Hedra Helix Ornamental Cabbage for some colour Ajuga Cyclamen Echevarria Probably need to change a few but we will see. For quotes and to see what services I provide go to the: WebSite: Landscaping & Garden Design Follow on: Twitter: / Porcelain Patio Progress in Images Add on: Instagram @Johnyboy2802 Add on: Facebook: /GreentopUK…… video by Maiz Connolly Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsMaking Succulent Vertical Living WallHunting of banyan tree from wall ,root pruning,tips to grow plant ,and making bonsai in hindi/urduMaking of Living Wall at PuneMake a Living Wall from a Pothos PlantMaking Inspirational Living Wall Frames

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  • Stylish XD 3 weeks ago

    How is the livin* wall doing now?

  • DCI BURNSIDE 3 weeks ago

    Hey johnny happy new year to you and ya family pal !! gotta say big big thank you for all your videos best thing I done this year was finding your youtube channel pal !! all the best for 2020 top man !!

  • Mark D 3 weeks ago

    Looks god, makes me look forward to spring coming so I can start on the garden.