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Not everyone has space in their home for a large succulent garden. Creating a vertical succulent arrangement with the Gro Vert Planter is an easy solution. Be sure to watch to the end to see how it turned out! The Grow Vert planter is best for outdoor growers. It’s perfect for those who want to add a succulent garden to their home, but who don’t have the space, or want to keep it out of reach of children or pets. I used two succulent trays from Mountain Crest Gardens in this arrangement. The succulents are cold-hardy, which is great for those in lower growing zones, but can also thrive in warmer climates as well! (note: the links in this description are affiliate links, I get a small commission at no extra cost to you) == To get the Sempervivum and Sedum trays that I use in this arrangement go here: 02:08 – Pads in the Gro Vert system help to keep the soil moist, the plants stay cool, and still allow water to drain out == Get your own Gro Vert Vertical Planter by going here: 02:57 – I used coconut coir as the soil for this arrangement === Find out more about the types of soil succulents like best here: 03:52 – We want the plants to sit inside the planter so that they will stay in after being rooted, and the planter can be turned vertically 04:35 – I begin the arrangement with Sempervivum heuffelii 05:05 – I break up the roots before planting them in the soil so that they root easier 05:35 Use odd numbers of plants to create the best design, and draw your eye through the design of the arrangement 06:07 – Keep the leaves of your succulents above the […]

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  • Nancy Caccioppo 7 months ago

    really, everything comes in it"s own time – found you yesterday the 27th of June on FB. I"ve been growing for about a year – now I will have guidance and idea's, Absolutely love this Vertical grower, I live in an apartment.

  • Kim Pearson 7 months ago

    The finished planter looks great, it will inspire me to plant my container. Thanks for the video. It would be good to show how it hangs on the wall and with a drip line added at the top.

  • Teresa Nichols 7 months ago

    Being new to growing succulents I'm always afraid i'll hurt the plant handling it and the roots. Watching this video however looks like they can be handle ruffly and just ripped apart if needed. Thanks.

  • Carmen Whitehead 7 months ago

    This looks awesome! I've been wanting to create one of these, but perhaps using a frame.

  • Terry Klemesrud 7 months ago

    Looks great!!!