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This week we’ve been having a 70s love-in and it wouldn’t be complete without a macrame planter, although I’m hesitant to use the word ‘macrame’ because it’s really just tying a few simple knots, nothing fancy. I chose to pot my succulent in a small glass vase because it had a lovely spherical shape. The lady in the shop warned me that the lack of drainage might be a problem further down the line, so the plant would need re-potting with new soil every three months. But to be honest, my track record with house plants is extremely poor, so I expect to replace it anyway. (If only they were like children and shouted “Muum, I’m huungry!” then I wouldn’t have a problem!) Watch the video to see how I did it, it’s very quick to do. Instructions below…. YOU WILL NEED……. A small plant A small glass vase or plant pot Some chunky wool (at least 15 metres) Some chunky beads 12 toothpicks Scissors Tape Video and styling: Emma Scott-Child Music: Soul Sacrifice, by Santana Use your waste plastic bottle and make a beautiful hanging bottle garden. Related PostsDIY: Hanging Macrame Planter ∞ Trash to Fab w/ AnneorShineDIY Macramé Hanging PlanterDIY Macrame – Hanging succulent plantDIY Macramé Plant Hanger Wall Hanging TUTORIALBeautiful Macramé Plant Wall Hanging (my shower curtain)Wall Hanging Planters 60+ DIY Planter Ideas – Recycled Home Decor

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  • Nena Flores 3 weeks ago

    Muy lindo pero esplica demasiado rapido como para que no podamos aser uno nunca

  • Tessa Burkhamer 3 weeks ago

    Soul Sacrifice!

  • Izaiaz Barrera 3 weeks ago

    I'm so excited to make this is hang some nice open terrariums in my room!

  • Blanca Cest la Vie 3 weeks ago

    Hi Emma Scott-Child ~ I'm new to this and was looking to make a macrame that will hold a small vase with succulents and this is the perfect one, thank you so much. Stay blessed 🙂

  • J Crawford 3 weeks ago

    Tip: you can substitute a needle and tape with a bobby pin:)

  • anika tasnim disha 3 weeks ago


  • Nikki B. 3 weeks ago

    I would like to do this with real macrame knots but I'm not patient enough XD

  • Stona Jagger 3 weeks ago

    bello ! how yo make a wol ?

  • Siggy Barney 3 weeks ago

    After 30 seconds, we had to hit the "mute" button! OMG, thanks to the "muteness" of it all! We started to macrame in 1970 with NO pattern books, we just eyeballed every thing and some how it all worked out. When the 70s were over, so was macrame, but we weren't! We continued to find things we needed and updating how we embellish. I would still be at it today if it weren't for my poor health… sigh* oh well.

  • ana vasic 3 weeks ago

    Great video! Thank you!!!

  • Marina Batista 3 weeks ago


  • J. OBrien 3 weeks ago

    What a cool video and song, thank you so much.

  • Tamosa Sarker 3 weeks ago

    love it

  • riley dallow 3 weeks ago

    This song is moist

  • Alter Ego 3 weeks ago

    reminds me of home ec. 7th grade. great video 🙂

  • Denize Leyla 3 weeks ago

    where did you get your nail varnish from?

  • Leslie's Sweet Obsession 3 weeks ago

    Very cute. Thank you. 🙂

  • Joan deboon 3 weeks ago

    I love the fact that you picked soul sacrifice by Santana. adds a Nice vibe to the video.

  • RASHMI SINGH 3 weeks ago

    yeh idea mujhe bhi aaya Tha par itni saari bottles Kahan se laati

  • mayank joshi 3 weeks ago

    Nice tutorial