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John from takes you to Irving, Texas to share with you Braga Farm, an urban garden turned into an urban farm that makes 0 a week on less a little over three quarters of an acre of land. In this episode, you will discover some of the techniques and crops that are being grown on this urban farm that allows them to make 0 a week after only 6 months of starting their small scale farm. John will take you on a tour of the farm, showing you many of the different growing areas, and how they are able to grow vegetables under the shade of trees. You will discover an eco-friendly and affordable substitute to shade cloth you can compost when it has worn out. You will learn how you can create your own compost, and find many free and local resources for starting your farm and building your soil. You will learn the importance of native plants and flowers on your farm and why you should have an area with natives in your garden. You will discover how to prevent weeds from taking over your farm and building your soil fertility at the same time by using a free local resource of wood chips. John will also share many tips with you along the way about starting your own farm, or increasing the business of your current farm. You will learn about the importance of compost on a farm and how to source free materials for composting. Finally, John will interview Jefferson Braga, the farmer and ask him the following questions: 35:15 Why did you decide to start this farm 6 months ago? 37:12 How did working at microsoft help you become a better farmer? 41:04 How much are you making a week from your farm after […]

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  • blood moon 4 months ago

    sharp pointy things are called Sand Spurs

  • Betty Couponder 4 months ago

    Sandspurs like in Florida!

  • Andrea Wisner 4 months ago

    If you compost things from grocery stores, won't they have a lot of pesticides on them?

  • Calimangrower 1 4 months ago

    urban farmer

  • Audrey Smith 4 months ago

    So interesting! QUESTION: Any suggestions for container gardening? I'd like to start there on my back deck (well-worn wood) to experiment. I am also growing organic herbs inside. So far I have spearmint and basil that get plenty of sunlight through sliding glass doors. I live in NC and am afraid to set the plants outside because of the intense sun/heat at this time of year. Any suggestions? i had an expansive organic garden years ago so I do have experience and knowledge – not so much for container gardening though. Thank you!

  • Obermeyer Heritage Farms 4 months ago

    I use dawn dish soap mixed with water to kill bugs especially squash bugs!

  • kprairiesun 4 months ago

    Hi John! In Central Kansas, I had squash bugs and cucumber beetles just wipe out my cucumbers and zucchini plants every year before I could get much from them, if anything. I never had this problem until the last several eral years as our winters became milder and we didn't have as long of periods of freezing temps as in the past. I grew marigolds and garlic all around each plant and tried many things and nothing worked. The marigold idea is no match for squash bugs. I have read about grafting squash and cucumber plants onto hardier gourd plants or maybe even squash that the bugs don't bother. Worth a try. I've seen university videos showing grafted plants produce much better, grow bigger and are much healthier. I plan to try it!

  • Tina Rucker 4 months ago

    would like to know if there is a program that you use personally that anyone can use

  • Nina R 4 months ago

    any tips on having red worms in texas for composting?

  • waleed shahid 4 months ago


  • Yee Vita 4 months ago

    Wow 6 months. That looks beautiful! You are doing an amazing job!

  • One Love 4 months ago

    @Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens
    too looooong videos man !

  • dust man 4 months ago

    "Water in the shape of a vegetable" Ha! Well said!

  • Bertha Fernandez De Sawyer 4 months ago

    Love this video
    I grow as much as I can
    have been gardening since I was 15 yrs old

  • treeple 4 months ago

    what happened to the Costa Rica video?

  • The road less traveled 4 months ago

    I did not know you could eat radish greens

  • KylesWildWorld 4 months ago

    Awesome ! im in Mckinney TX about an hour from Him , very inspiring to see such gardening successe in DFW. im in my second year of gardening so i dont have much experiance. But last year my favorite and most heat tolewrant crop was lemon cucumbers. easy lowdemanding plant that ill be using this year to creat natural shade

  • AnotherPotato PassingBy 4 months ago

    Extremely informative, thank you.